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This past weekend Jacie, Jenni, Aaron and I headed down to NY to be apart of the Mets Stitch n’ Pitch Event.  We met up with some college friends of mine (Becca and Lisa) who live in the City.


We stopped for lunch at Boulder Creek Steakhouse – where we ate delicious roast beef and sliced steak sandwiches.  There was also a copious amounts of sweet potato fries.  I am a big fan of any restaurant that serves sweet potato fries.  Jacie also enjoys her fancy water in a wine glass… what does she think we have class or something?


After lunch we headed over to the stadium, after getting lost for the second time.  GPS had a very difficult time with the buildings and the new stadium name.  We were part of the Guinness World Record for number of people crocheting simultaneously for 15 minutes.  Deborah Norville from Inside Edition was the MC for the event.  We got super cute project bags, blue or orange yarn, and a crochet hook.  I love free stuff even if it’s a crochet hook.  Picking up stitches is a good thing too.


427 people crocheted to beat the record.  You can read an article here about the event.  I heard Inside Edition talked about it on TV yesterday but I can’t find a video online.


I made an amoeba – or free form crochet  – your choice.  I am a knitter.  But I did learn how to do a single crochet, but I still can’t keep the number of stitches the same going back and forth.  As we said in college intramurals “At least I showed up.”  And there’s proof I can crochet.  I now will go back to knitting.



Seeing as we had lots of time after the Guinness Record event before the game started there was much fibery goodness. Jacie even brought out the Bosworth and spun an little Corgi Hill angora/silk blend. 



The baseball itself was uneventful.  The Marlins lost by epic proportions.  My parents are very sad about this – they are big Marlins fans.  I was cheering for the knitters.  GO KNITTERS!!!


Overall a fun event.  Even if we did get lost 3 times.  Who doesn’t love a great day outside with free bags and yarn while being apart of a world record?

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