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Tempting was my second to last cast on of last year.  One can not let Malabrigo Twist sit around idly for months – that is just plain wrong.


So I cast on the 160 stitches and knit an inch.  Just an inch, Jacie said it just had to be on the needles.  Jacie would also like me to point out that I abuse the system she set up.  It’s a great beginners pattern.  2×2 rib for oh… forever.  Make some sleeves, attach them, knit more 2×2 rib.  Nothing super complicated.


It was a good project to take to knitting – even if I mess up, fixing a 2×2 rib doesn’t make me throw sharp objects or curse.  I finished knitting on Thursday night right after knitting.  Saturday morning I spent most of SnB weaving the ends in.  And for some weird reason there was about 8 million of them.  A few were because kitty likes to chew on the malabrigo and detach it from the skein.  The other issue was I alternated skeins – so when it came down to making sleeves and reattaching them I had to break the yarn far too many times.


Ribbon was purchased yesterday afternoon – after an epic afternoon of 5 Guys Burgers and Fries and yarn shopping with the girls.



I think it’s fits pretty well.  I had a hard time taking pictures of my self where it didn’t look all wonky.  But it’s like wearing a hug.  Malabrigo Twist is so warm and squishy and made of awesomeness.  I think everyone should go out and buy some right now.  I have 4 more skein of Indeceta waiting in the stash….oh lovely yarn.  Not sure what you will become but it will be something great, I know it.



I also finished up the brown toe up Seeded Ribbing socks yesterday/this am.  I had to weave the ends in this morning before promptly putting them on my feet.



I am trying out the new Ravelry project sharing option with the project links. 🙂

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Tempting is coming along.  After knitting on the never ending 2×2 ribbing watching the Oscars on Sunday I was ready to start the sleeves and attach them.  Everything is attached and going round and round and round.  I have about 2.5 more inches before the eyelets then only a few more rounds and then DONE!!!

The good thing about working on a 2×2 ribbed sweater it’s a an easy project to take places.  If I get distracted and ignore the fact that it’s a 2×2 rib, it’s easy to fix.  I can mostly work on it without looking.  This does translate to occasionally dropping down a few stitches to fix the random purl stitch in the ribbing.

There is one problem.  I am might run out of yarn.  Way to go on the planning skills Allison.  I did my math, I probably just did it wrong, but I still did it before I started this project.

Maybe I’ll squeak by like I did with the Evil Pink vest.  If not I have 2 choices… get another skein of twist in olive and know that it’s not going to match… I alternated ball 1 and 2 every other row, then knit ball 2 and 3 for a few rounds, finished up with 2, then alternated 3 and 4.  I doubt that makes any sense, but it does have a nice subtle stripping effect going on.  Or finish with a contrasting color. (I’d probably use natural).  At least I knit the sweater in a semi solid instead of Indiecita like I originally planned.  That would have been horribly bad.


Decisions decisions….

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