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One third

If you’ve been keeping tabs on my ability to complete this Finish or Frog it adventure you should know I just hit the 1/3 mark – I believe its technically 35 percent complete, but that doesn’t sound as nice. The total number of projects ended up being 20. 20!!!!! And that’s just projects that I said yes let’s finish those and not them sit around for another few years which ended being frogged. I did add one to that list (Doctors without Borders sock). 19 is still a crazy amount of wips. And I have completed 7 projects. I know most of you thought I would flake on this project with my knitting ADD and severe case of startitis….to you nay sayer I say ha. I’ll have Nefertiti done soon and that will make 8. I could finish up a few of the small things and then its half way there….and its only April (well its still March but I like to think ahead).

The Be Sweet scarf and the spiral baby blanket — you are on the short list to get me to 50%….don’t get too cozy in the bin.

And to my knowledge there has been no stealing of my yarn by Jacie yet. Although I believe she learned not to enter into a contract with me without all specifications spelled out. She should have taken notes from my dad – the last time he did that we got a dog.

Tomorrow I am off to Lexington for an interview….I love airport knitting and people watching, its one of my favorite hobbies.

Have a happy Easter Passover Spring Holiday!!

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That would be Nefertiti.  I pinned it out for a few beauty shots.  Isn’t she lovely.  Still in chart 13 – only a day behind on the schedule.


I finsihed spinning up a True Blood batt from Corgi Hill Farm.  If you haven’t bought fiber from her … go do it now.  Not only is it lovely, but her favorite color is red.  Shipping is fast and her prices are always reasonable.  Jacie made me an addict – and because I am a dirty enabler I urge you to join us.


Oh shinny red merino/silk/firestar blend how I love you.  You will make something lovely one day.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

There’s about 374 yards of fingering weight yarn.  It’s not completely even, but it’s an improvement from my normal.  It’s also my favorite color and I am in love with it.  Now to just keep kitty from eating it.

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Oh poor kitty


Jacie and I had the brilliant plan to introduce furball (Salem the cat) and fluffball (Madori the dog) to each other this past weekend.

Background of Salem – he’s pretty much a dog.  He follows you around, he curls up in your lap.  He’s loyal and stupid.  I’ve contemplated teaching him to fetch.  He’s never been around other animals except at the humane society when I rescued him.  He loves all people.  We figured he’d love all animals too because as cute as he is.. he’s kinda dumb and he enjoys snuggling warm fuzzy things.

Well guess what… I actually own a cat.  He was in fact not keen on having a puppy play date.  He spent the first half of the evening hiding in the kitchen on top of the step stool (and yes I use that to get things out of the shelf – shut up I’m short).  He glared at the dog.  I think it was a combinations of “WTF is that that”  and “I AM THE ONLY SMALL FURRY THING AROUND HERE.” Minor the occasional squeaky noises Madori made, she was cool with the whole situation.  I do believe that the squeaks translate to “WE ARE AT ALLISON’S HOUSE,  I LOVE ALLIOSN.  CAN I EAT THE CAT FOOD.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IT’S SOOOOO TASTY!!”

Salem then moved from the kitchen and parked himself in the chair while Jacie, Madori and myself knitting and watched up in the air.  My cat’s favorite place is next to me on the couch while knitting.  It’s kitty mecca.  Warm body and yarn draped across him.  He wanted to be on the couch, but did not want to be near the dog.

Well apparently Salem also has the memory of a goldfish.  Every 15 minutes or so he’d forget the dog was there, venture over to the couch.  Get some pets from behind the couch, turn the corner as if to perch himself in the middle of the couch….and then he’d see the dog.  And the growling (from the cat) would resume.  He didn’t run away or swat at the dog.  Just growling.. not so much hissing… so he still might be a dog/cat.

I eventually coaxed him into my lap, put the blanket over him and he purred contently.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Remove blanket… growling resumed.

This is where I left him this morning… on the dreary nasty rainy day that it is.


It’s such a rough life the kitty lives….

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Tempting was my second to last cast on of last year.  One can not let Malabrigo Twist sit around idly for months – that is just plain wrong.


So I cast on the 160 stitches and knit an inch.  Just an inch, Jacie said it just had to be on the needles.  Jacie would also like me to point out that I abuse the system she set up.  It’s a great beginners pattern.  2×2 rib for oh… forever.  Make some sleeves, attach them, knit more 2×2 rib.  Nothing super complicated.


It was a good project to take to knitting – even if I mess up, fixing a 2×2 rib doesn’t make me throw sharp objects or curse.  I finished knitting on Thursday night right after knitting.  Saturday morning I spent most of SnB weaving the ends in.  And for some weird reason there was about 8 million of them.  A few were because kitty likes to chew on the malabrigo and detach it from the skein.  The other issue was I alternated skeins – so when it came down to making sleeves and reattaching them I had to break the yarn far too many times.


Ribbon was purchased yesterday afternoon – after an epic afternoon of 5 Guys Burgers and Fries and yarn shopping with the girls.



I think it’s fits pretty well.  I had a hard time taking pictures of my self where it didn’t look all wonky.  But it’s like wearing a hug.  Malabrigo Twist is so warm and squishy and made of awesomeness.  I think everyone should go out and buy some right now.  I have 4 more skein of Indeceta waiting in the stash….oh lovely yarn.  Not sure what you will become but it will be something great, I know it.



I also finished up the brown toe up Seeded Ribbing socks yesterday/this am.  I had to weave the ends in this morning before promptly putting them on my feet.



I am trying out the new Ravelry project sharing option with the project links. 🙂

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The good and the bad

Bad: I officially ran out of yarn for Tempting.

Good:  Once I obtain more yarn I will only be a few inches shy of finishing.

Bad: I now need to go to Webs.

Good: I now need to go to Webs.


Bad: I’ve frogged rows and rows of Jeanie.   Far more than I care to admit because apparently reading patterns in not my forte in life.  Cabling BACK should really not be that difficult, unless you actually do a Cable FRONT. 

Good:  I frogged an entire repeat, picked up all the stitches, started again, frogged another row, picked up all the stitches again – and I actually think I know where in the pattern I am in.

Bad:  K1b, P1, K1, P1b is really really really boring after a while.

Good: Jeanie is measuring 16 inches, which in theory makes it 1/4 done.


Bad: I am behind on my Nefertiti shawl, because well the beginning of the week sucked.

Good:  I still have lots of time to make it up, and I will have it done for my birthday.

Bad: I still hate the yarn.

Good: Furball has not eaten it yet – it apparently is not up to his standards.  Yarn snob.


Bad: I ate a ridiculously fattening dinner at Max’s Burger with Jacie

Good:  It was delicious and I went to the gym W, F, M, W and I have plans to go today. 


Bad: work related suckage– and that’s all I am saying about that.

Good:  Not sure there’s a good there yet….

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Our last morning in Port-au-Prince were were awoken at 1 am by another 4.7M earthquake, quickly followed by several small ones, and another larger earthquake (I’d guess somewhere around a 3.0M).  There was a small group of tents almost directly across the street from where we were staying.  People ran into the streets screaming.  I can not even fathom having to live there, having no option out.  I knew I got to leave and go home to my nice secure apartment, where the electricity and water always work, and yet I was still very freaked out.  This trip definitely changed my prescriptive on post traumatic stress and how the body copes with extreme situations.  I have no doubt that this knowledge will make me a better doctor.


I’ll spare the details of the morning leaving Haiti.  But let’s just thank the American Air lines pilot and flight attendant for holding the plane for me.  Delta is not on my list of things I like at the moment, mostly because they didn’t bother to tell me they had not resumed flights out of Haiti until I got to the airport.  (and I checked the website the night before and the flight said it was on-time and ready…boo Delta).  So the short story is for 3 hours I was almost stuck in Haiti and there was much freaking out.  But thankfully I made it home, and I have never been so excited to be in the Miami airport than I was that day.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the stories.  The photo album above has some of my favorite pictures – some old and a few that I hadn’t posted yet. 


Thank you to everyone who helped me go on this trip.  Thank you for caring for the Haitian people.  Your generosity made it possible for us to treat 1,600 patients and to help hundreds of families.

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It arrived

I managed to score some Wollmeise a few weeks ago. I pretty much just clicked buttons having no idea what I was buying.  Why yes I can stop buying yarn at any time, I just choose not to.



I do believe Jacie said it best… It’s like she reached into your head and dyed them for you.  The red is fantastic.  It is fire engine red and made of awesome.  I may be petting it right now.  The other skein is a lovely darkred/organge, teal, and black/brown. 

It’s a good thing I am not allowed to cast on anything for a while.  It will take a while to find the perfect pattern for these babies.

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