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For some reason I had the urge to knit lots of Christmas gifts this year.  I’ve never been a super big Christmas knitter.  Part of this is I am a selfish knitter.  I knit things for me.  I know that I will take care of nice yarn and love it appropriately.  I will not put hand wash only sock yarn in the washing machine and dryer.  Very few of my friends have received knitted gifts.  Don’t get me wrong.. I’ll teach just about anyone HOW to knit.  But I generally don’t knit very things for other people.

Not only did I knit stuff.. I designed knitted stuff.  Maybe it’s the lack of urgency at work that makes me find other things to fill up my day, or the ridiculously cold weather that makes me want to wrap everyone up in lovely wool items… I don’t know.  But Christmas knitting has been in high gear for a few weeks.

You’ve already read about the penguin hat.

I tried to make Heidi a pair of socks.  They will be beautiful, they just will be done in oh…. July.  I am making Firestarter in Dream in Color Starry.  It’s purple and sparkly and screams Heidi.  I am knitting them on my size 1 Signature Needles. I have the stiletto points and I love them.  The pattern makes my head hurt a little. I have to concentrate WAY too much to knit them.  I have one sock done, and started sock number two… so it will have to be added to the Jan 1 – finish pile – which I am sure Jacie will yell at me daily until they are complete.

Instead I picked up a skein of Sheep Shop #3 at Northampton Wools in a light purple shade.  I made Cabled Feather Cowl.  I decided on a cowl, because Heidi swears she doesn’t know how to wear a scarf.  I am not sure how anyone who was born and raised in Massachusetts can claim that, but she does.  So I solved that problem for her.  Put over head, put coat on, go. If I have time this weekend I was planning on making a pair of matching mitts.

I decided to knit for Linda (aka mom) this year.  Linda is the only family member I’ve knit for more than once.  My sister got a scarf once – because she was complaining about having to visit Virginia and December and OH NOES!!! she might get cold.  Well she didn’t really take care of the scarf for the 3 days she visited… no more knitting for her.  But Linda got a pair of Koigu socks.  She wears them once or twice a year.  Wool socks are not super practical in Florida, but occasionally it’s in the 60’s.  I know chilly… get out the wool socks.  I think she was mostly amazed by the fact that I can actually knit things other than fun fur scarves, but she does take care of them so she is on the list of people who can receive hand knit items.  Last time I was home I had my February Lady Sweater with me… which she tried to steal.  Woman back off my dream in Color Happy Forest sweater made of awesomeness.  It might be my favorite hand knit item EVER.  I am not sure our relationship can handle a sweater yet – we had a rough last year.  So in my brilliant mind I decided making a shawl was perfect.  It’s light, she can wear it to work where the AC is on all the time, to church, etc.  I might even be able to make my dad take her out so she can wear it.  I picked up a ball of Malabrigo lace in Stonechat from Creative Fibers to make Swallowtail by Evelyn A. Clark.  I also started this project on Signautre needles.  But once you get past 200 stitches, it’s really hard to keep them on a 10 inch straight needle.  There was a minor lace fail as some of the stitches fell off right after the budding lace part.  I managed to pick them all up, so crisis was averted.  I called up Jacie and borrowed her lace addis to finish the project.  The pattern is relatively simple.  The nupps can be a challenge, but being the loose knitter that I am, I have no issues purling 5 together.  (You may hate me now.)  Apparently I got too cocky with my mad knitting skillz… and I miss read my knitting or stopped paying attention to the directions.  Or more likely BOTH.  I put the nupps on the wrong side of the previous nupp for half the shawl.  I had beautiful graceful nupps on half and bleh on the other side.  I also like to live on the edge – so the use of lifelines is unheard of in my book.  The only was to solve this problem is tinking and lots of it. 300+ stitches of tinking.  I am just glad it only took me two rows to figure out what happened.  I do have to admit… I only tinked half, my Best friend tinked the rest of it for me last night.  So guess who’s knitting lace tonight.  ME!!!!  Linda will still probably get it unfinished wrapped in a box on Christmas morning, but at least I should have it done before I fly back to Connecticut.

Boyfriend hat.  I knit the boyfriend a hat.  What?  Who would have ever thought I’d say those words in the same sentence.  Oh life.. you are funny sometimes.  Anyways… boyfriend will have a lovely black and gray stripped/ribbed hat to keep his head warm.  I had to add the gray stripe…. a solid black hat would make me poke my eyes out with the dpns.  I made That Chocolate\’s Gone Straight to Your Ribs Hat (and who doesn’t love a title with chocolate in it..I love all chocolate) in Berroco Comfort DK from Webs to knit said boyfriend hat.  Although I like him enough to knit for him, he has to earn nice yarn.  I chose the comfort because it’s soft, machine washable, and comes in boring colors.  So if he drops it/ loses it/ hates it… I won’t be forced to hurt him.  I started boyfriend hat 2 – because what else am I going to do with a extra ball of black Berroco Comfort…. So I started Claudia.  A solid black hat I could not do.  Cables seemed like a good idea yesterday.  But in case you haven’t worked with Comfort, it is splity like there’s no tomorrow.  So between splitting the yarn every other stitch, black yarn, and cabling without a cable needle… I almost gave up on boyfriend hat 2.  It’s a good thing that there’s only 12 rows or so of cables.  I am now in the boring ribbing and loving it much more.  A new thing I used for boyfriend hats – square needles.  I needed size 4 dpns… this is what Webs had in stock when I bought them.  I really like them.  They are not the stiletto signature needles, but they make really well defined stitches and I enjoy the medium weight of them.  I can hardly tell they are square when I am knitting with.

I’m hungry… so more Christmas gifts will have to wait.

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