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Tempting is coming along.  After knitting on the never ending 2×2 ribbing watching the Oscars on Sunday I was ready to start the sleeves and attach them.  Everything is attached and going round and round and round.  I have about 2.5 more inches before the eyelets then only a few more rounds and then DONE!!!

The good thing about working on a 2×2 ribbed sweater it’s a an easy project to take places.  If I get distracted and ignore the fact that it’s a 2×2 rib, it’s easy to fix.  I can mostly work on it without looking.  This does translate to occasionally dropping down a few stitches to fix the random purl stitch in the ribbing.

There is one problem.  I am might run out of yarn.  Way to go on the planning skills Allison.  I did my math, I probably just did it wrong, but I still did it before I started this project.

Maybe I’ll squeak by like I did with the Evil Pink vest.  If not I have 2 choices… get another skein of twist in olive and know that it’s not going to match… I alternated ball 1 and 2 every other row, then knit ball 2 and 3 for a few rounds, finished up with 2, then alternated 3 and 4.  I doubt that makes any sense, but it does have a nice subtle stripping effect going on.  Or finish with a contrasting color. (I’d probably use natural).  At least I knit the sweater in a semi solid instead of Indiecita like I originally planned.  That would have been horribly bad.


Decisions decisions….

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