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Traveling across the country twice in one week gave me lots of time to catch up on the Nefertiti knitting.  In fact I finished ahead of schedule.  Once I got through chart 14 it was time for the decreases and those flew by.  Jacie let me borrow her blocking wires, so yesterday morning I soaked the ball o’ lace and pinned it out. 


oooh pretty.  Now all I have to do is wait for it to dry and weave in the ends.  The color is still dark.  It did soften up after a good soak – and I added some conditioner to the water.  It bled a little, but nothing too dramatic.  Depending on the light it still looks black… I guess you convince me it’s navy someday.  But It definitely does not have the color variation I was expecting.


So with Nefertiti done it was time to dig into the bin of WIPs for the next project.  The Be Sweet Scarf fell out.  I will admit that I believe it took 30 minutes to finish the scarf.  Yes I had a several year old WIP that needed 30 minutes of work.  It’s just a plain knit 15 stitch scarf.  It’s not really my style of scarf – I might give it to one of my friends that does a bunch of breast cancer walks – the pinky color reminds me of that.



Kitty was a model in a former life.  Modeling is serious business or he’s completely embarrassed that I put a pink scarf on him.  Either way it highly amused me and that’s really all that matters.


That meant that I needed to get another project out of the bin.

Katherine Hepburn Cardigan is next up, along with Jeannie and Doctor’s Without Borders socks. 

Remember my inability to read patterns.  Well you know what… I still can’t read patterns.  I had to frog the front of the cardigan that was already started.  WS means wrong side in all world’s but mine.  And adding a selvage stitch at the correct end would be useful.  I wasn’t exactly sure where I was in the lace pattern anyway, but then I realized that my selvage stitch was at the wrong end and I started the whole thing over.  It wasn’t too traumatic – there was only a few inches.  Being a doctor easy work, reading patterns is hard.


I am spending most of the day sitting around knitting and napping.  I contracted some sort of cold nasty hacky cough snotty nose thing – I blame being on an airplane 4 times this week on that.  We have the hockey game tonight which I want to be well enough to not lose a lung during.  Happy Weekend to everyone.

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