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10 on Tuesday

Books on my summer reading list.

1.  Cecil’s Medicine

2.  Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine

3.  The ICU Book

4.  Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics

5.  Pocket Medicine

6.  Maxwell’s Quick Medical Reference

7.  Pharmacopoeia

8.  BRMC Resident Manual

9.  Up to Date (not technically a book, but it’s close enough)


I know it’s suppose to be 10… but pleasure reading will not be happening for a while.


Do you notice a theme in those books?  And I know you are SUPER jealous of my fun and light reading.

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Ten on Tuesday

So Kris does Ten on Tuesdays from Carole Knits – Seeing as I just moved half way across the country to West Virginia and will be resuming working a million hours a week, I figured this would be a good way to make sure I blog.


10 Ways To Entertain a Child

I did ALOT of babysitting during my teen years, my mother is a preschool teacher and my sister teaches 4th grade… I learned how to entertain kids from an early age.

1.  Bubbles – really who doesn’t love bubbles.  You can use just the little ones – or try to make the giant ones without popping them.  It’s science to get the right dishsoap to water ratio and let me tell you it’s not for amateurs.

2.  Play dough – I prefer homemade because it doesn’t smell awful.  Salt, cream of tater, flour and water – no worries when it goes in the mouth.  It’s just REALLY salty – and you can make anything with it.  AWESOME.

3.  Finger painting – because art and making a mess are FUN!!!

4.  A giant box – Preferably a refrigerator box or other large appliance.  It can be made into a fort/boat/car/spacecraft….the fun is ENDLESS.  Boxes also entertain kitties – double win.

5.  Animals – the cat or the dog, take them to a farm.  Animals are cool.  It’s fun to see who wears out first in a game of fetch the dog or the kid.  I’d put money on the kid.

6.  Water – Pools or big water fountains.  Maybe it’s because it’s summer and I now lack central AC and I lived in Florida for most of my life… but there’s just something about running around a water fountain when it’s 90 degrees that can be entertaining for hours.

7.  Science stuff – yeah I am a nerd, who had a teacher for a mom.  My summers were spent doing make shift science projects in the garage.  Building batteries out of citrus fruit and making volcanoes that exploded – at least it entertained me for hours.

8.  Blocks – mostly I love blocks.  I got great satisfaction from building things and then knocking them over.  I also went to a Montessori preschool where blocks were used for stacking and learning shapes and sizes – NOT for knocking them over.  What can I say – I am a trouble maker.

9. Singing silly songs – yes when you are 13 and your mom still does this it is the MOST embarrassing thing in the entire world and you will die instantly of pure embarrassment.  But when you are a little younger – hours can be spent singing the most ridiculous songs.  This one is good for cars.  There might have been a silly song tape on all major car rides when I was a kid.  Success rate measure in giggles. 

10.  The last resort – Movies – I love movies.  I have probably seen every Disney movie made three time or more.  I still know 90% of the words to Little Mermaid and The Lion King.  The newer kids movies – like Shrek – are just as funny to kids and if not even funnier to adults.  Pop some popcorn and enjoy a Disney classic – sing along optional but highly recommended.


Another fun day filled with Advanced Cardiac Life Support training… I promise I real blog soon.  I have pictures from Knit in Public Day part 1 to post.

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It seems I did not blog about the first Annual Cheese/Chocolate/Bacon Potluck – but Jacie did…read about it here.  It was EPIC and delicious.


Well seeing as I am moving to West Virginia and I love bacon – June seemed like a good time to have a mid year Cheese/Chocolate Bacon Semi Annual Potluck before I left.  Also one our friends is celebrating his 40th this week.  That sounds like a good reason to eat cheese/chocolate/bacon.


I found the recipe for Irish Car Bomb cupcakes from Smitten Kitchen a few weeks ago.  I think Jacie showed them to me… anyway I am huge fan of cupcakes.  Cupcakes with Bailey’s icing –sign me up.  Since finding said recipe I’ve also become a huge fan of Smitten Kitchen.  So far all the recipes are delicious and her pictures just make the food look AMAZING.



These Guinness chocolate cupcakes were filled with the Whiskey Dark Chocolate ganache and iced with Baileys icing… and became these…


They were a little time intensive, but totally worth it and very delicious.  I did demand Jenni take a bite of said cupcake so I could take that last picture.  YOU MUST EAT CUPCAKE NOW!!!  🙂


I also whipped up a quiche while baking various parts of cupcake goodness.

Spinach Bacon Quiche – was the recipe that I based it off.  I added more cheese, because one can NEVER have enough cheese in quiche.  I used Vermont White Cheddar and some shredded gruyere….mmm cheesy goodness.  I doubled the recipe and put it in a 9×13 pan instead of a traditional pie pan. I did not make my own pie crust… shameful I know.  But with the from scratch cupcakes I just didn’t have the time.  The recipe is not heavy on eggs – and with the 2 packages of spinach it feels like it’s just filled with spinach and cheese deliciousness.


mmmm… cheesy bacony spinachy deliciousness.


The whole spread



021 020

The highlight of the evening… getting my new “Allison has to move to West Virginia Two Tails spindle”.  Jacie has been teasing me for weeks about what it was.  Evil she is. 



This is pre hook.  But she’s a Cocobolo/Macassar Ebony laminate on Ebony shaft.  She was designed by Jacie and Mark made her out of Jacie’s ideas.  Isn’t she beautiful?  She’s one of a kind so far.  But Mark has more plans to make laminates.  Hopefully he’ll have the etsy shop open soon…..


You know a shiny new spindle needs new fiber to go with it.. right?  And seeing as The Painted Sheep was in attendance with us, and conveniently had not taken in her fibers after attending the Nutmeg Spinners’ Guild meeting I got to purchase 4oz of BFL in Merlot.  Buying the rest of Kris’ fibers maybe part of the bigger plan to get her back in the dye studio.  Hear that Kris – go make new pretty yarns and fibers.  Don’t make me sick Jacie on you when I leave… I’ll do it.


Bacon/cheese/chocolate, friends, new spindles, and fiber – pretty much perfect.

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This past weekend Jacie, Jenni, Aaron and I headed down to NY to be apart of the Mets Stitch n’ Pitch Event.  We met up with some college friends of mine (Becca and Lisa) who live in the City.


We stopped for lunch at Boulder Creek Steakhouse – where we ate delicious roast beef and sliced steak sandwiches.  There was also a copious amounts of sweet potato fries.  I am a big fan of any restaurant that serves sweet potato fries.  Jacie also enjoys her fancy water in a wine glass… what does she think we have class or something?


After lunch we headed over to the stadium, after getting lost for the second time.  GPS had a very difficult time with the buildings and the new stadium name.  We were part of the Guinness World Record for number of people crocheting simultaneously for 15 minutes.  Deborah Norville from Inside Edition was the MC for the event.  We got super cute project bags, blue or orange yarn, and a crochet hook.  I love free stuff even if it’s a crochet hook.  Picking up stitches is a good thing too.


427 people crocheted to beat the record.  You can read an article here about the event.  I heard Inside Edition talked about it on TV yesterday but I can’t find a video online.


I made an amoeba – or free form crochet  – your choice.  I am a knitter.  But I did learn how to do a single crochet, but I still can’t keep the number of stitches the same going back and forth.  As we said in college intramurals “At least I showed up.”  And there’s proof I can crochet.  I now will go back to knitting.



Seeing as we had lots of time after the Guinness Record event before the game started there was much fibery goodness. Jacie even brought out the Bosworth and spun an little Corgi Hill angora/silk blend. 



The baseball itself was uneventful.  The Marlins lost by epic proportions.  My parents are very sad about this – they are big Marlins fans.  I was cheering for the knitters.  GO KNITTERS!!!


Overall a fun event.  Even if we did get lost 3 times.  Who doesn’t love a great day outside with free bags and yarn while being apart of a world record?

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Jacie is having a 100th post give away..too bad Jacie has such crap taste.

I mean who gives away a hand made project bag, 2.1 oz of silk and this?


Seriously Jacie…crap.  (In case you don’t pick up on sarcasm on the internet – that was it.)  Jacie and I pride ourselves in our abilities to find anything with a cashmere blend and the most expensive fiber/yarn in a store within 3 minutes of walking in.  It’s a talent/curse.  We are both pretty big fiber snobs –we even turned Kitty into a snob.


Yes that is a custom Two Tails spindle.  She’s made of lignum vitae and East Indian rosewood.  I won’t be too sad if I don’t personally win because rumor has it that a new spindle is coming to live with me in West Virginia.  Don’t make the Spindle be homeless – take one for the team peeps. All you have to do is go here and tell Jacie what kind of fiber you like to spin.   

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I forced Jacie to go hiking with me… and by force it went along the lines of..

A: “Hey Jacie, want to go hiking on memorial day?”

J: thinking… Allison is moving in two weeks… “that could be fun.”


I am master of the guilt trip – I learned well from the Jewish Grandma.  It’s only a close second to Catholic guilt.  They can guilt you for things you haven’t even done and that is impressive my friends.


So Jacie, Madori and I headed up Talcott Mountain to spend an afternoon hiking up a mountain and getting fresh air – my mother is so proud.  First was a stop at Petco for a little front line for a wee flulffball – ticks = bad.



But she was about the happiest little dog ever.  She went in the car, and then Allison got in the car and then there was a walk in the woods.  It was a lot for her to handle.




This was the point Jacie cursed agreeing to climb a mountain.




But we made it to the top. And the view was beautiful.




And because I found the guide book to my camera while I was packing this weekend… I give you macro mode pictures. 



Hope everyone else enjoyed the beautiful holiday.  Today it’s gray and rainy. 

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I started the Fingerless Mitts from Weekend Knitting last January.  I was in the ICU at Hartford and in a post call daze I decided that knitting a pair of mitts was a good idea.  It was probably one of the days where the temperature ventured into single digits.  But in my chronic sleep deprived state I only knit one mitt.  So it sat in the bin with the ball of yarn waiting for it’s pair for a while.


You know what happens when you knit stuff half a sleep and then try to finish it a year + later you have no idea what needle you used and any attempt at making a matching pair will epically fail.


So I knit mitt number 2 and found it to be about twice the size as mitt one (which was to be expected).  Mitt one was also a tad small on my hands – which meant it would only fit small children because I have tiny hands.  I quickly whipped up a second matching mitt from the remnants of mitt one.


I give you Weekend Mitts.  The pattern is super easy and more of a recipe for gauge.  You can use whatever yarn/needles you want.  And if you don’t knit them when you are half asleep they only take an afternoon to finish. 



There isn’t even seaming to do.  You pick up the cast on stitches and bind off with a 3 needle bind off.  Easy peasy and perfect for that skein of handspun sitting around.


In all the packing and organizing….mystery shawl joined the trash pile.  I didn’t even frog it.  The thought of frogging zephyr lace with beads made me twitch.  I have a cone of yarn, so out came the scissors.  RIP mystery shawl.  I did not love you, I would have hated knitting you, and I doubt I would have ever used you.  The remaining cone will make something beautiful one day.


For those keeping track that now makes the finished pile bigger than the WIP pile.  The baby blanket still needs the ends woven in before it can officially swap lists. 


Jeanie is back in time out – while I work on the bottom edge.  The scrappy scarf and purple cardigan are coming along well.  I hope to start the sleeves tonight or tomorrow.  Then a couple pairs of socks and mittens are the home stretch.

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