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Another Finished project… be impressed.  Scrappy scarf just got upgraded to lecture knitting project.

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10 on Tuesday

Things to do instead of watching TV…

1. Sleep…I love sleep.
2. Knit
3. Spin yarn
4. Cook or bake delicious recipes from Smitten Kitchen, ok any recipe will do but I love Smitten Kitchen.
5. Harrass furball…I mean snuggle loving and affectionate cat.
6. Call a friend or family member.
7. Read a book – mine are usually work related but I don’t reccomend that.
8. Take a walk.
9. Take a Nap – it’s totally different than sleeping. Bed vs couch, duration of time asleep …see different.
10. Clean something – as un fun as cleaning is, the after effects of clean stuff wins.

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oooh… shiny – Museum of Natural History045

Hope Diamond – Museum of Natural History 040

Fish @ Museum of Natural History. 037

Museum of Natural History OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Chameleon.  Fascinating little creatures. @ The National ZooOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Insurance anyone?  @ The National Zoo 021

Very bad snake, but very cool to take pictures of.  @ The National Zoo 020

Strange little reptile @ The National Zoo OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Flamingo @ The National Zoo 005And of course the Pandas!!!


Other than the incredibly awful temperatures I had a good weekend visiting DC.  


I also saw Inception this past weekend.  Weird but good.  Now it’s back to work and working on writing a research protocol.  Don’t be jealous of my awesome amounts of fun.

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Work made me less funny this week… what’s up with that.  So not ok.  Instead of being super productive at work I baked and was all sorts of crafty.


Peach Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Frosting – in case you don’t know of my love for Smitten Kitchen – I love Smitten Kitchen.  mmmmm… delicious.  If the whole doctor thing doesn’t work out I want to be an apprentice to Smitten Kitchen or food taster… whatever, as long as there is copious amounts of delicious food.  These went to the staff in the OR and lasted about 30 minutes. 


Peach pie…. yes I cut out hearts and made little star vents with an icing tip.  It was also delicious and devoured by the residents during noon lecture.

The baby blanket of doom finally got it’s soak/block and photo shoot.  Now the big questions is… who will it go to.  I have several friends who are trying to have babies but as of last time I checked neither one was knocked up.  Geez people I need to knit cute little baby things… you are ruining my plans.  So as of right now I have a baby blanket with no baby to give it to – it’s even made of good acrylic so it’s washable.


Back to the food….Thursdays are the only exciting thing in Bluefield.  We have a very delicious little restaurant Key Ingredients for Life.  It’s very out of place in the middle of no where West Virginia.  One it’s only open for dinner on Thursday evenings, lunch Monday – Friday.  It specializes in local and organic foods.  You never know what will be on the menu – but you can guarantee it will be delicious.  They have a decent wine list and often offer a tasting menu of the evenings selections. It’s my favorite thing here and my new Thursday ritual.


This was tonight’s dinner — Springer Mountain Grilled Chicken Breast with Crisp Whole Green Beans & baby new Potatoes.   Doesn’t that look delicious…. I wish everyday was Thursday so I could eat deliciousness all the time.  I’ve taken it as my personal mission to keep this place in business.

I’ve barely spun over the last few days – I think I lost my mojo.  I have managed a few minutes here and there, but nothing substantial.  I doubt I will finish any of the Corgi Hill I planned on finishing, but I’d rather take my time and have it be awesome than speed through and not be happy with it.

I may have discovered some knitting mojo this week… The cabled socks are back on the needles.  Sock 2 heel is turned (after an epic math fail) and cuffs are growing.  The big questions is always – how tall and what cuff do I want to do….Bind off is easy. Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off is my go to bind off for toe-up socks.  It’s pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread – and that is saying a lot. I highly recommend it for socks or anything that needs an elastic bind off.  WAY better than the sewn bind off.

Not sure why the font is being all dumb – but I am too lazy to fix it… so deal with the two different fonts.  Hopefully the computer will stop being possessed soon.

This weekend I am off to meet the boyfriend person in DC – trying this long distance things from CT to WV.  Seeing as DC is about in the middle and neither one of us have large amounts of free time, it seems like a good place to meet.  The weather is suppose to be unbearably hot and I demand seeing Panda bears – so I am sure I’ll have pictures of me melting at the zoo next week.  Have a great weekend.

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Stop the presses

The WIP list is down to 7… that means they all fit on one row on my rav page.


That is all… carry on.

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This week’s 10 on Tuesday was SUPER easy for me.  Maybe it’s my former girl scout post – Always be prepared, or the fact that I’ve been to several developing countries in various state of upheaval. 

1.  Tent – This is pretty obvious, sleeping outdoors is cool, sleeping with bugs and small animals not cool.  Sometimes the animals still sleep with you with a tent but involves a few extra steps.  Tying knots that are raccoon or monkey proof is a skill worth having. 

2.  Sleeping bag – again – sleeping on dirt not cool, and for some reason even in the middle of the summer forestry type areas like to be cold at night.

3.  Ingredients for s’more – I thought about putting this first… and really it should be. NO camping trip is complete without marshmallow chocolate graham deliciousness.

4. Bug spray – enjoying nature is awesome.  Nature enjoying you – not so much.

5.  Sunscreen – I like to turn a nice shade of lobster – you think I’d learn my lesson after 28 years.  Maybe next time?

6. Other personal items – I’ll list shampoo/deodorant/toothbrush type of stuff here.  Just because you are in the woods doesn’t mean you have to smell like it.

7. Toilet paper – even if you are going somewhere where there are toilets… one should always carry tp.  I’ve had too many adventures in third world countries to venture far away from home without toilet paper and baby wipes. (which can double for a shower if you have no water).

8.  Food – Food is a necessity– unless hunting and gathering is your kind of fun.  I prefer not to catch weird diseases from animals so I’ll bring my own… see s’more ingredients.

9. First aid kit – Going out into the woods is asking for something bad to happen.  When that does having band aids/Tylenol/Benadryl/burn cream etc is always helpful.  Do not temp Murphy’s law by forgetting this one.

10.  Flashlight – Did you know there’s no electricity in the woods?  If you forget this one there’s a good chance that you’ll require number 9. 


I’d like a number 11 this week – Bring friends… camping is not fun unless others are around to laugh at you doing stupid things in the woods and s’mores are infinitely better when consumed in larger quantities with friends.

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Culinary goodness

So moving to the middle of no where West Virginia so far has left me with lots of time on my hands and not many options of eating.  I use to bake ALL the time.  Ask my family – especially when I was stressed – it was my go to method of stress relieving.  Then I found yarn and baking took the backseat to the fiber.


I pride myself in making things from scratch.  Anything work baking is worth making from scratch.


Yesterday I made my first freezer jam.  This was a new phenomenon to me.  But I heard the reference on facebook – then me being the nerd that I am had to look up what exactly is freezer jam.  After finding out it’s jam with minimal amount of cooking involved, I ran into Freezer Jam Jars at the Wal-mart while trying to find blue ice.  Destiny perhaps?


The semi local organic grocery store, Harvest Moon, had boxes of peaches on sale.  By local I mean an hour drive away – because again I live in the middle of now where West Virginia.  I mainly went to show one of the interns the store,  but ended up taking home peaches, Blueberry wine from Chateau Morrisette (my favorite winery), dark chocolate/caramel/rum candy bar (hello all the loves of my life in one item), and a few other odds and ins that I most definitely did not need but they looked delicious.


The peaches could have been a little more ripe – but overall the first experience in jam making wasn’t too bad.






mmmmm…. delicious.  Breakfast was bacon, toasted sourdough bread (from the Wytheville Farmer’s market) with peach jam.


I barely made a dent into the box of peaches – so I am going to be looking for all sorts of recipes for peaches now.  Any suggestions? 


Tonight – Bison from Buffalo Creek in Riner Virginia.  I am thinking about putting it in baked spaghetti.  There will also be spinning today since I’ve only gotten in a few minutes each day since Friday – bad. 

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Every Friday afternoon I have the luxury of spending it learning super important things like Coma, heart exams, and syncope.  I know you are VERY jealous – I know I would be super jealous.  The upside of being in lecture all afternoon – beside becoming smart – is depending on who’s lecturing I can knit.  So today I finally finished the doctors without borders socks. 



After the fiasco with sock number one and the crazy idea to knit them on 000 needles (they might be 00 – but really is there a difference?)  I am GLAD they are DONE!!!  Mindless and complete.



I am still chugging along on tour de fleece spinning – no new pictures.  Maybe Sunday.


Tonight I turned this


and this… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         into this…


Asparagus-goat-cheese-and-lemon-pasta from Smitten Kitchen.  I used multi grain pasta and used marjoram instead of Tarragon.  Apparently you can’t buy tarragon in WV.  The goat cheese wasn’t fresh so it didn’t melt all the wy but It was still tasty and I have leftovers. 


Hoping to make it to the farmer’s market in Wytheville tomorrow morning.  If I find a bunch of fruit I am going to try to make freezer jam. 

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10 on Tuesday

10 Things You Like About Where You Live

1.  Cost of living is CHEAP

2.  We have a pretty cool city park with 4 miles of hiking trails

3.  There’s a new really yummy organic restaurant that is open for lunch M-F and Thursday evening for their wine lounge.  Yeah new favorite place.

4. The mountains are really pretty

5.  I have a job here.

6. I commute 3 minutes to work… so much better than 45.

7.  I haven’t seen a turkey since I moved here.

8.  The town gives out free lemonade if the temperature is higher than 90.

9. I live near Blacksburg – Mosaic Yarn Store and Virginia Tech Hokies!!!

10. My friends send me care packages so I don’t lose my mind.

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Tour de Fleece kept me very busy this weekend.  I was able to finish a skein of Polwarth from Corgi Hill in Melon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Polwarth Single


Two Ply – 220 yards.


I finished up some Painted Sheep  that’s been hanging around FAR too long.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Pomegranate Tea – forgot how many yards.  Navajo ply.


I have also been working on my cashmere merino and cashmere silk on the spindles.


Today in the mail I got TWO packages.  One of fiber and one of yarn!!!! It’s Christmas in July at my house.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Jacie being the awesome person that she is – is sending me care packages in West Virginia.  She sent me that lovely fiber from Greenwood Fiberworks – aptly named Blueberry Smoothie in honor of my quest for blueberries last week.  If you can’t eat them… spinning them is second best.


Boyfriend person sent me 9 skeins of wool.  This wool comes from the family of his best friend.  Boy gets points on knowing I like yarn and sending it to me.  Boy fails at being able to tell me ANYTHING about said sheep.  It’s a very rustic wool.  I believe it was mill spun, no idea of the breed.  It smells slightly of sheep – which brought out sir fatness from his sleeping place underneath the bed. 

002 Oh yes… blurry because fat cat was rolling around in it licking the yarn.  HAHAHA… it was hilarious. 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Kitty is drunk on yarn fumes…. oh rough life.


So… the family that the yarn came from – the sheep belonged to his best friend and her mom sold the sheep while she was deployed in Iraq… sounds like something my family would do.  But I digress – I think she would really appreciate something made from the last wool from said sheep.  If I did my math correct I have somewhere around 1200-1300 yards.   It needs a good soak with some conditioner to see if it will soften up, but I was thinking a hat/mitt set and then something else….anybody have ideas on patterns?


So overall it’s been yarntopia over here in West Virginia.

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