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The Mecca

Jacie, Emilee, Kris, Tracy, and Lillian headed up to the Mecca yesterday.  Jenni met us there after work.


After teaching Tracy to knit a few months ago – we took her to webs.  During which time she tried to buy all the alpaca in the store.  Not only is she a quick learner, she actual finishes projects – so she quickly knit through ALL her stash.  I know – it’s hard to believe.  How can one knit through all the yarn they own.  It’s just plain crazy talk.


We went on the sole purpose of getting Tracy a stash.  The rest of us joined for moral support and who doesn’t want to venture to Webs during their anniversary sale?  Come on… it’s just wrong to live that close to it and NOT go.


Tracy did have a game plan.  The only item we wouldn’t let her buy yarn for was Gail…Jacie was still having a traumatic experience over knitting her own.  We wouldn’t send a newbie down that road yet. 


We found lots of pretty yarns – malabrigo sock, malabrigo lace, lorna laces sock yarn, zauberball lace.  And then I handed Tracy over to Jacie and they ventured into the warehouse.  Where crazy amounts of yarn are on sale for a crazy price. 

Who can resist BAGS of casscade 220 for 5 dollars a ball.  You can make any sweater you want with that, or in Jacie’s case a blanket.  It’s going to be like a sunbeam. 016

It’s dangerous in the back.  The hand cart did need to be upgraded to a shopping cart before we left.  It was awesome.


After doing some damage to the non-stash we headed to Fitzwilly’s which has some delicious French Onion soup… which was perfect for the crappy cold rainy weather we had yesterday.  A great lunch with great friends.


Think Tracy can knit all that before Rhinebeck….?

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