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Jacie is having a 100th post give away..too bad Jacie has such crap taste.

I mean who gives away a hand made project bag, 2.1 oz of silk and this?


Seriously Jacie…crap.  (In case you don’t pick up on sarcasm on the internet – that was it.)  Jacie and I pride ourselves in our abilities to find anything with a cashmere blend and the most expensive fiber/yarn in a store within 3 minutes of walking in.  It’s a talent/curse.  We are both pretty big fiber snobs –we even turned Kitty into a snob.


Yes that is a custom Two Tails spindle.  She’s made of lignum vitae and East Indian rosewood.  I won’t be too sad if I don’t personally win because rumor has it that a new spindle is coming to live with me in West Virginia.  Don’t make the Spindle be homeless – take one for the team peeps. All you have to do is go here and tell Jacie what kind of fiber you like to spin.   

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