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Quote of the morning from the spindle maker “Your pimp hand is strong”


I know the good stuff when I see it… and this is the good stuff.




Jacie’s coworker Mark decided he was going to get into spindle making.   I applaud him for this, because one can never have too many high quality spindles around.  Can you believe this is only his second spindle EVER????


My spindle (which needs a name by the way) is blood wood and ebony.  Swoon.  It’s a good thing Jacie knows my tastes – because she is a perfect spindle.  She would have been a complete birthday surprise if I wasn’t so obnoxious about getting my own spindle.  Jacie, sorry I ruined the surprise – she’s still just as beautiful.


Right now I am spinning pygora from Tucker Woods Farm on it.  The combination of the spindle and the pygora – well it’s just fantastic.  I am in the process of buying a second ounce of the pygora because who doesn’t need a crazy amount of lace weight awesomeness.


So for all the spindlers out there – I highly recommend contacting Mark with Two Tails Woodturning  (mxracer23@hotmail.com) and getting your own custom made spindle or a premade spindle if he ever manages to have a stock. 


Some of the woods the whorls can be made out of Honduran Rosewood, Purple Heart, Zebra Wood, Lignum Vitae, East Indian Rosewood, Lignum Vitae, and Cocobolo. There was a tragic incident with the remaining Blood wood – so that’s on hold for the moment. Shaft woods can be East India Rosewood, Lignum Vitae, Black Palm, Macassar Ebony, Redheart, Hard Maple, and maybe Bloodwood.


$25.00 for 2” or 3” whorl

$35.00 for anything with an ebony shaft

$40.00 for something with an ebony whorl


Also he has a pretty fantastic broken/fixing policy:
One time repair/replace policy, If it cracks or breaks or the hook falls out your dog chewed it. Get it back to me and I will fix or replace it once. If it get damaged a second time I be happy to talk to you about purchasing a replacement.


Yup the pimp hand is strong. 🙂

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