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Yes I have been living under a rock…I like it there.  Lots has happened in the last week or so .. mostly involving the job situation – more on that later.



Jeanie is 32 INCHES!!!! That’s like half done.  The pattern says 66 inches, but I have a feeling that it will block enormous if I do that.  Maybe 60 inches, that sounds good – it will be two inches shorter than I am and probably still block enormous.



All 32 inches of 1×1 kill me now ribbing.  That’s a new technical knitting term – go look it up.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         At least I know someone enjoys the endless knitting.  It’s big enough now to take over my lap – which means a certain furball thinks that it’s a blanket that belongs to him.  Oh silly cat.  It’s a good thing you are cute and didn’t try to eat chicken wings today.


That would be Doctors without Borders sock #1 version 2.  I still need to weave the ends in, but it’s a completed sock – that fits.  I have a feeling that sock number 2 will in no way look like sock 1 for a varying number of reasons.  It will not be knit from a sock and involved crinkled up yarn – which clearly changes the tension.  And I think I tried to cast on 68 stitches, but thought I had 72. So I increased to 72 for the cuff?  Maybe?  I have no idea.  This would involve writing stuff down – and remembering where I put that.  I like non matching socks so it’s good. 


So in the craziness that is life – I will be moving to Bluefield West Virginia/Virginia area in oh 3 weeks.  The bottom line – I needed a job, and they have a job.  That’s about it.  No other part of me is excited about this move in any shape way or form.  I think it’s the right decision job wise – just not excited to leave my life here in CT.  The only plus side so far…I will be closer to one of my favorite yarn stores in the whole wide world – but it will still be an hour away, so who knows how often I’ll have time for that.


I’ve started packing up my stuff.  Priority number 1 – securing yarn in element proof packing. 


Kitty was of course willing to help me empty out the yarn boxes and snuggle some yarn for me.  He’s a good little helper.    I put all the yarn in 1.5 lb plastic bags and then in a plastic tub.  This is a picture of almost all of my malabrigo.  I found 2.5 skeins of silky malabrigo hiding.

That would be 5 skeins of Twist ,2 skeins of lace, 2 skeins of sock, and 8.5 skeins of worsted.  ….. I do love me some malabrigo. 



My apartment has started to look like a disaster with boxes everywhere… Next priority find a place to live in Bluefield.

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