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Hey sorry readers — if you are still there?

There was a computer mishap with the Dell… it’s still not fixed. I had to get a new power cord for the Sony. Stupid computers breaking and what not.

Then I started nights. 4 weeks of being nocturnal – not so much blogging going on. Pretty much life consisted of work and sleep. Although Salem did think it was the greatest month in the history of time, because I came home and slept ALL day with him (oh poor deprived kitty). Between the crazy nights there was a little knitting going on. I am almost done with the purple cardigan of FOREVER. I started the shaping of the sleeves today. It’s only been 2 years since I started this sweater… which is probably not going to fit, but whatever. Damn it – it will be done.

There are a total of 4 projects left. Two will actually be done. Scrappy Scarf and Purple Cardigan of FOREVER. Heidi’s Firestarters are about to get the axe. The thought of knitting the second sock makes me cry on the inside. I can’t stand the pattern. I love the yarn (Dream in Color). They are going to become a different sock.

Jeanie…. you may be out when I get home. I love the yarn and the pattern is beautiful… but really I will never finish it. SO TEDIOUS.

The most important thing right now. I am off work for a week!!! and in CT!!!! There will be Glee dates, Hockey, Stitches East and kittens. BEST WEEK EVER!

Maybe next time I’ll have pictures.

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