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Fiber Snob

Yes we all know I am a fiber snob.  I love cashmere, alpaca, and silk.  I have a ability to find the most expensive and most luxurious yarn in a store within 5 minutes.

I jokingly refer to my cat as a fiber snob too.  What can I say he takes after his momma.  He only likes the good stuff.  He’ll snuggle up to handspun, cashmere, and hand painted anything. 

Fiber Snob Kitty

Snuggling The Painted Sheep Chocolate Covered Cherries Roving

If I leave “nice” yarn out – even for a few minutes you can guarantee furball will be sleeping on it, trying to play with it, or worse eat it. (He only chews it – so no worries).  I was recently making a penguin hat for a friend out of acrylic… be shocked.  Yes I knit with a cheap acrylic yarn.  It did kinda make my skin crawl but I suffered.  But at least I have a super cute penguin hat who the intended recipient will absolutely love.  I could leave said hat on the floor without furball even remotely being interested.  As a side note I need to get batteries for the camera because the hat is awesome, and if I am super motivated soon I might even write the pattern down.

Jacie and I gave furball a little test yesterday.  She held up two skeins of yarn, one was berreco comfort (a very nice acrylic and nylon blend – I will admit there are some nice synthetic yarn) and String Theory’s Cashmere sock yarn.  The cat looked at each, looked again, and then rubbed his face all over the cashmere sock yarn.  My cat is in fact a yarn snob. We tried to get this on video tape, but alas the cat’s attention was spent and he curled up in a ball on the unfinished silky malabrigo Clapotis.<a

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