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So I dropped off the face of the earth. I blame residency. But you know what… that sucker is DONE!!! I officially finished June 30th at 7pm, oh thank you for being on call the LAST day. It pretty much just sums up my residency.

Anyways I moved. Oh dear I hate moving. I hate packing and unpacking and anything related to packing. The parental units tried to come help and all it did was stress me out. But thankfully 95% of the house is unpacked and organized. I no longer live in the ghetto. (aww little ghetto apartment… you were cheap but so not loved). The townhouse is awesome. The kitties chase each other up and down the stairs. My landlord painted the walls and let me pick out the colors. LOVE her. I have a real kitchen, a washer/dryer, dishwasher and central air. OMG it’s like living in civilization again.

Also big things that happened… in no particular order.
1. Won a pretty awesome award. (AKA Resident of the Year…I can’t remember how to post links… so you don’t get one about the award).
AOF Award

2. I lost 40ish pounds. West Virginia made me sad, fat and lazy. I wasn’t going to be the fat bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding. I am vain like that. I ¬†also got a brother in law. HAHAHA. He married into our crazy family. Sucker.

Maid of Honor

I literally risked my life for those shoes and they were totally worth it.

3. Trained and ran my first half marathon with my mom.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Mom and me at the finish line.

4. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy. It took three sleep studies and three different doctors. Who knew I wasn’t just really tired. I don’t have any pictures for the narcolepsy. Dealing with having a chronic disease is harder than I expected. I probably have a little bit more sympathy for patients now. I dislike taking my meds and being a good patient, it’s hard work.

5. I finished residency. YAY!!! Best thing EVER.

Residency6. I got a real doctor job that I start next month. I have a real license and DEA number. WHAT??? 12 years of training are done. Weird.


I didn’t knit or spin much. But with the move I did organize all the yarn and fiber. I still need to sort through the handspun yarn and reskein it out or something. It’s on the to-do list and is currently sitting in a plastic bin next to my desk.

I have plans to train for a marathon sometime this year or next year, knit a bunch of baby stuff (BFF from undergrad/med school is sproging this year and I have been slacking), stay organized, and do fun things (KD CAB at Virginia Tech, bowling league, etc).



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