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Back to running


I started couch to 5 K a few times before I was able to finish it in 2011. I was never a runner growing up, in fact I use to HATE HATE HATE running. Turns out I just hate running fast. Me and my whole 5 feet and two inches of awesomeness were not meant to run a 7 minute mile, and you know what… that’s ok. I just had to learn that running did not mean running fast. So a year ago I decided to train for a half marathon and ran 13.1 miles with my mom in February 2012 at Disney. It was pretty awesome and I wore a tiara and sparkly red running skirt. EPIC is what it was. I had the grand idea of continuing that training into marathon training, but my better judgement reminded myself that I had to finish residency get my licenses and what not and those two things are not compatible with not killing someone. Fast forward a few months later when I find out I have narcolepsy. YAY? The medicine is awesome in turns of not falling asleep all the time but the downside is that my heart rate goes from normal to 170 in 3 seconds with exertion. Minimal exertion. 1 flight of stairs, running, walking fast, etc. It was frustrating going from running 20 miles a week to unable to go up the stairs at work without needing an hour to not feel short of breath from the 170 heart rate. I saw a bunch more doctors. Had my heart and lungs checked out and was put on more medication to slow my heart down. YAY? Now I have to find a balance of  running or exercising (so I don’t have to buy new bigger clothes) and not feeling like someone kicked me in the chest and which combination of meds lets me do that.

I previously was running a 10:30 mile with the galloway run/walk method. I usually ran somewhere around a 4:1 interval. Yeah that’s not happening right now. I’m lucky to not feel like dying with a 13 minute mile. But you know what, it’s still running and that’s all that really matters. I am embracing my inner tortoise a little more than before. The last week I ran a 2:1 interval and didn’t get too short of breath and my heart rate comes down during the walking intervals. Hills still suck immensely and I can’t run up them, but they sucked before too. I plan to increase the running time 15-30 seconds per week until I am back at 4:1. I like the 5 minute total interval for math purposes. It’s so much easier.

My mom is looking at doing the half or maybe the full Space Coast Marathon in November. I don’t think I am up for the full yet, but the half is definitely doable. It won’t be fast or pretty but you know what… I don’t care. I have secret (or not so secret since I am putting it on the internet) of training for the Boston Marathon for one of the narcolepsy foundations. I am waiting to hear if they get any bibs this year or not…

Radford has a lovely little trail along the new river (see picture above) that is perfect for running. Christiansburg/Blacksburg has the Huckleberry trail. A girl can’t ask for much more, other than her heart to cooperate with this plan.

I just need to remember running at noon on the first day the students are back on campus is probably a bad idea. Also sunscreen is a good idea. At least I don’t have wood floors anymore so I won’t repeat the sunscreen/fall incident of 2010.

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