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Work made me less funny this week… what’s up with that.  So not ok.  Instead of being super productive at work I baked and was all sorts of crafty.


Peach Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Frosting – in case you don’t know of my love for Smitten Kitchen – I love Smitten Kitchen.  mmmmm… delicious.  If the whole doctor thing doesn’t work out I want to be an apprentice to Smitten Kitchen or food taster… whatever, as long as there is copious amounts of delicious food.  These went to the staff in the OR and lasted about 30 minutes. 


Peach pie…. yes I cut out hearts and made little star vents with an icing tip.  It was also delicious and devoured by the residents during noon lecture.

The baby blanket of doom finally got it’s soak/block and photo shoot.  Now the big questions is… who will it go to.  I have several friends who are trying to have babies but as of last time I checked neither one was knocked up.  Geez people I need to knit cute little baby things… you are ruining my plans.  So as of right now I have a baby blanket with no baby to give it to – it’s even made of good acrylic so it’s washable.


Back to the food….Thursdays are the only exciting thing in Bluefield.  We have a very delicious little restaurant Key Ingredients for Life.  It’s very out of place in the middle of no where West Virginia.  One it’s only open for dinner on Thursday evenings, lunch Monday – Friday.  It specializes in local and organic foods.  You never know what will be on the menu – but you can guarantee it will be delicious.  They have a decent wine list and often offer a tasting menu of the evenings selections. It’s my favorite thing here and my new Thursday ritual.


This was tonight’s dinner — Springer Mountain Grilled Chicken Breast with Crisp Whole Green Beans & baby new Potatoes.   Doesn’t that look delicious…. I wish everyday was Thursday so I could eat deliciousness all the time.  I’ve taken it as my personal mission to keep this place in business.

I’ve barely spun over the last few days – I think I lost my mojo.  I have managed a few minutes here and there, but nothing substantial.  I doubt I will finish any of the Corgi Hill I planned on finishing, but I’d rather take my time and have it be awesome than speed through and not be happy with it.

I may have discovered some knitting mojo this week… The cabled socks are back on the needles.  Sock 2 heel is turned (after an epic math fail) and cuffs are growing.  The big questions is always – how tall and what cuff do I want to do….Bind off is easy. Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off is my go to bind off for toe-up socks.  It’s pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread – and that is saying a lot. I highly recommend it for socks or anything that needs an elastic bind off.  WAY better than the sewn bind off.

Not sure why the font is being all dumb – but I am too lazy to fix it… so deal with the two different fonts.  Hopefully the computer will stop being possessed soon.

This weekend I am off to meet the boyfriend person in DC – trying this long distance things from CT to WV.  Seeing as DC is about in the middle and neither one of us have large amounts of free time, it seems like a good place to meet.  The weather is suppose to be unbearably hot and I demand seeing Panda bears – so I am sure I’ll have pictures of me melting at the zoo next week.  Have a great weekend.

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