Hey sorry readers — if you are still there?

There was a computer mishap with the Dell… it’s still not fixed. I had to get a new power cord for the Sony. Stupid computers breaking and what not.

Then I started nights. 4 weeks of being nocturnal – not so much blogging going on. Pretty much life consisted of work and sleep. Although Salem did think it was the greatest month in the history of time, because I came home and slept ALL day with him (oh poor deprived kitty). Between the crazy nights there was a little knitting going on. I am almost done with the purple cardigan of FOREVER. I started the shaping of the sleeves today. It’s only been 2 years since I started this sweater… which is probably not going to fit, but whatever. Damn it – it will be done.

There are a total of 4 projects left. Two will actually be done. Scrappy Scarf and Purple Cardigan of FOREVER. Heidi’s Firestarters are about to get the axe. The thought of knitting the second sock makes me cry on the inside. I can’t stand the pattern. I love the yarn (Dream in Color). They are going to become a different sock.

Jeanie…. you may be out when I get home. I love the yarn and the pattern is beautiful… but really I will never finish it. SO TEDIOUS.

The most important thing right now. I am off work for a week!!! and in CT!!!! There will be Glee dates, Hockey, Stitches East and kittens. BEST WEEK EVER!

Maybe next time I’ll have pictures.

10 on Tuesday

I know… I’ve been a slacker. But today’s 10 on Tuesday was too awesome to pass up.

10 reasons to watch college football.

1. It’s a good stress relief… yelling at people you don’t know is super fun. Just be careful not to scare the cat too much when you yell obscenities at the TV.
2. Reading my facebook updates during any Hokie game should make you laugh even if you have no idea what I am talking about.
3. Boys in uniforms for the ladies
4. Cheerleaders for the men folk.
5. Smack talk on Fridays and Mondays. I may lose my job for cheering for the Hokies, but really no one likes WVU and their couch burningness.
6. It’s a great reason to get together with friends eat food and drink booze. Sounds like a plan to me.
7. Did I mention yelling at the Hokies when they forget how to play football… I won’t even mention how horrible they were this past weekend, it’s just too embarrassing.
8. Tailgating – again food and booze. It’s a great combo with football.
9. Rivalry games… they are the best and worth every little bit of smack talk.
10. Impressing your dad with your new-found love of sports and your ability to know players by their names. Be amazed at my skills.

The end?

5 projects is an acceptable number… right?

I think as long I only have projects it’s ok to stop the project???

10 on Tuesday

10 things to tell a College Freshman

1. Going to class really is that important
2. Going home is a great time to eat real food and wash clothes – otherwise campus is more fun.
3. Staying up all night to study is not worth it.
4. You might hate your college roommate or you may be best friends… either way is ok.
5. Join clubs and be active… college is an experience.
6. Study abroad if possible.
7. Take one class each semester that is either fun or not related to your major… yoga, flower arranging… whatever.
8. There is more to life than getting into medical school.
9. The professors really are there to help you, office hours can save your grade – use them.
10. Enjoy it – being an adult is over rated.

Mittens of doom.

This blog post brought to you by special request by the one and only Jacie.

Last night I decided to try to finish the peekabo mittens. Finishing mitten two after two year should be no problem right… (have I learned nothing yet from this project…well that’s a different story all together.)

Let’s start off on how wrong everything went.

1. The pattern was originally on MagKnits now as a free Rav Download. (this is important for number 2)
2. Some how either the pattern changed or I decided to change the ribbing (who knows what really happened – we all know I can’t read patterns), and this now involves me doing math, and well that’s just NOT going to happen.
3. I wrote that I used size 6 DPNs. I don’t own size 6 dpns… so who knows what I really did.
4. I started with 7’s… nope not the right ones.
5. Then I tried my size 4’s in the second size….oh it’s only 1.5 times bigger than said first mitten.
6. The first mitten is probably an inch too short to begin with.
7. All in all FAIL.

So yeah… what should have taken a few hours is now a giant ball of disaster. I have one mitten that’s an inch too short and one that’s 3/4 done and too wide.

Do I cut my loses or really take the time to make a matching mitten?


I cast on the exception to the rule Jacie gave me as a going away present….

Who wants to guess what it was and in what yarn? Not like there aren’t a million possibilities.

10 on Tuesaday

10 reasons to Love Bacon…

1. It’s delicious.
2. It’s part of the cheese/chocolate/bacon theory.
3. It’s made of awesome with a side of awesomesauce.
4. It’s delicios.
5. It’s crunchy.
6. It goes well on everything.
7. It’s delicious.
8. It can be eaten at every meal.
9. It’s delicious.
10. Did I mention it’s delicious.

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