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Hand mitts


I’ve used four different needle sizes so far on one mitten. But I love how it fits so I guess it’s worth it. The double rib was knit with 3’s, the first bit of ribbing was on 2’s, the body on 1’s, and the top ribbing on 0’s.


Tomorrow I will knit a thumb and maybe start number two.

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So part of my kick ass job involves a budget.  Yes the NIH pays me to work at Yale and gives me money to spend.  I love my job.  So anyway… I have a shiny new 17inch screen Dell in Red.  We all know I love red and I love new things.  So right now I am setting it up to do all the cool stuff windows 7 promises it can do.  Part of that is Windows Live writer…so of course I need to set it up for the blog.  Can’t you see I am working hard today.

The 2×2 alternating socks are coming along well.  I worked up sock2 to the same point as sock1.  This morning I put them on size 2 addi turbos.  Which makes me happy on several reasons.  If I increase more, change the ribbing or whatever my little heart desires I can do it at the same time, and I do not need to write notes down that I will not pay attention to later.  And most importantly I am no longer using the too short addi dpns that make me cranky.  I hardly ever use those needles, but I decided to try to keep the tension the same for both when I cast on.  The dpns are either size 3’s or 2.5’s, either way the top will be knit a little tighter and seeing as they are going to end up being knee socks I don’t think that’s a bad thing.


I need to remind Linda to mail the camera cord to me.  I am going to have a million pictures of Pairs that will do me no good on my camera.

I almost forgot to eat lunch today.  See what happens when shiny things cross my path.

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