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Stop the presses

The WIP list is down to 7… that means they all fit on one row on my rav page.


That is all… carry on.

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This week’s 10 on Tuesday was SUPER easy for me.  Maybe it’s my former girl scout post – Always be prepared, or the fact that I’ve been to several developing countries in various state of upheaval. 

1.  Tent – This is pretty obvious, sleeping outdoors is cool, sleeping with bugs and small animals not cool.  Sometimes the animals still sleep with you with a tent but involves a few extra steps.  Tying knots that are raccoon or monkey proof is a skill worth having. 

2.  Sleeping bag – again – sleeping on dirt not cool, and for some reason even in the middle of the summer forestry type areas like to be cold at night.

3.  Ingredients for s’more – I thought about putting this first… and really it should be. NO camping trip is complete without marshmallow chocolate graham deliciousness.

4. Bug spray – enjoying nature is awesome.  Nature enjoying you – not so much.

5.  Sunscreen – I like to turn a nice shade of lobster – you think I’d learn my lesson after 28 years.  Maybe next time?

6. Other personal items – I’ll list shampoo/deodorant/toothbrush type of stuff here.  Just because you are in the woods doesn’t mean you have to smell like it.

7. Toilet paper – even if you are going somewhere where there are toilets… one should always carry tp.  I’ve had too many adventures in third world countries to venture far away from home without toilet paper and baby wipes. (which can double for a shower if you have no water).

8.  Food – Food is a necessity– unless hunting and gathering is your kind of fun.  I prefer not to catch weird diseases from animals so I’ll bring my own… see s’more ingredients.

9. First aid kit – Going out into the woods is asking for something bad to happen.  When that does having band aids/Tylenol/Benadryl/burn cream etc is always helpful.  Do not temp Murphy’s law by forgetting this one.

10.  Flashlight – Did you know there’s no electricity in the woods?  If you forget this one there’s a good chance that you’ll require number 9. 


I’d like a number 11 this week – Bring friends… camping is not fun unless others are around to laugh at you doing stupid things in the woods and s’mores are infinitely better when consumed in larger quantities with friends.

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