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Culinary goodness

So moving to the middle of no where West Virginia so far has left me with lots of time on my hands and not many options of eating.  I use to bake ALL the time.  Ask my family – especially when I was stressed – it was my go to method of stress relieving.  Then I found yarn and baking took the backseat to the fiber.


I pride myself in making things from scratch.  Anything work baking is worth making from scratch.


Yesterday I made my first freezer jam.  This was a new phenomenon to me.  But I heard the reference on facebook – then me being the nerd that I am had to look up what exactly is freezer jam.  After finding out it’s jam with minimal amount of cooking involved, I ran into Freezer Jam Jars at the Wal-mart while trying to find blue ice.  Destiny perhaps?


The semi local organic grocery store, Harvest Moon, had boxes of peaches on sale.  By local I mean an hour drive away – because again I live in the middle of now where West Virginia.  I mainly went to show one of the interns the store,  but ended up taking home peaches, Blueberry wine from Chateau Morrisette (my favorite winery), dark chocolate/caramel/rum candy bar (hello all the loves of my life in one item), and a few other odds and ins that I most definitely did not need but they looked delicious.


The peaches could have been a little more ripe – but overall the first experience in jam making wasn’t too bad.






mmmmm…. delicious.  Breakfast was bacon, toasted sourdough bread (from the Wytheville Farmer’s market) with peach jam.


I barely made a dent into the box of peaches – so I am going to be looking for all sorts of recipes for peaches now.  Any suggestions? 


Tonight – Bison from Buffalo Creek in Riner Virginia.  I am thinking about putting it in baked spaghetti.  There will also be spinning today since I’ve only gotten in a few minutes each day since Friday – bad. 

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