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Ten on Tuesday

So Kris does Ten on Tuesdays from Carole Knits – Seeing as I just moved half way across the country to West Virginia and will be resuming working a million hours a week, I figured this would be a good way to make sure I blog.


10 Ways To Entertain a Child

I did ALOT of babysitting during my teen years, my mother is a preschool teacher and my sister teaches 4th grade… I learned how to entertain kids from an early age.

1.  Bubbles – really who doesn’t love bubbles.  You can use just the little ones – or try to make the giant ones without popping them.  It’s science to get the right dishsoap to water ratio and let me tell you it’s not for amateurs.

2.  Play dough – I prefer homemade because it doesn’t smell awful.  Salt, cream of tater, flour and water – no worries when it goes in the mouth.  It’s just REALLY salty – and you can make anything with it.  AWESOME.

3.  Finger painting – because art and making a mess are FUN!!!

4.  A giant box – Preferably a refrigerator box or other large appliance.  It can be made into a fort/boat/car/spacecraft….the fun is ENDLESS.  Boxes also entertain kitties – double win.

5.  Animals – the cat or the dog, take them to a farm.  Animals are cool.  It’s fun to see who wears out first in a game of fetch the dog or the kid.  I’d put money on the kid.

6.  Water – Pools or big water fountains.  Maybe it’s because it’s summer and I now lack central AC and I lived in Florida for most of my life… but there’s just something about running around a water fountain when it’s 90 degrees that can be entertaining for hours.

7.  Science stuff – yeah I am a nerd, who had a teacher for a mom.  My summers were spent doing make shift science projects in the garage.  Building batteries out of citrus fruit and making volcanoes that exploded – at least it entertained me for hours.

8.  Blocks – mostly I love blocks.  I got great satisfaction from building things and then knocking them over.  I also went to a Montessori preschool where blocks were used for stacking and learning shapes and sizes – NOT for knocking them over.  What can I say – I am a trouble maker.

9. Singing silly songs – yes when you are 13 and your mom still does this it is the MOST embarrassing thing in the entire world and you will die instantly of pure embarrassment.  But when you are a little younger – hours can be spent singing the most ridiculous songs.  This one is good for cars.  There might have been a silly song tape on all major car rides when I was a kid.  Success rate measure in giggles. 

10.  The last resort – Movies – I love movies.  I have probably seen every Disney movie made three time or more.  I still know 90% of the words to Little Mermaid and The Lion King.  The newer kids movies – like Shrek – are just as funny to kids and if not even funnier to adults.  Pop some popcorn and enjoy a Disney classic – sing along optional but highly recommended.


Another fun day filled with Advanced Cardiac Life Support training… I promise I real blog soon.  I have pictures from Knit in Public Day part 1 to post.

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