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I forced Jacie to go hiking with me… and by force it went along the lines of..

A: “Hey Jacie, want to go hiking on memorial day?”

J: thinking… Allison is moving in two weeks… “that could be fun.”


I am master of the guilt trip – I learned well from the Jewish Grandma.  It’s only a close second to Catholic guilt.  They can guilt you for things you haven’t even done and that is impressive my friends.


So Jacie, Madori and I headed up Talcott Mountain to spend an afternoon hiking up a mountain and getting fresh air – my mother is so proud.  First was a stop at Petco for a little front line for a wee flulffball – ticks = bad.



But she was about the happiest little dog ever.  She went in the car, and then Allison got in the car and then there was a walk in the woods.  It was a lot for her to handle.




This was the point Jacie cursed agreeing to climb a mountain.




But we made it to the top. And the view was beautiful.




And because I found the guide book to my camera while I was packing this weekend… I give you macro mode pictures. 



Hope everyone else enjoyed the beautiful holiday.  Today it’s gray and rainy. 

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I started the Fingerless Mitts from Weekend Knitting last January.  I was in the ICU at Hartford and in a post call daze I decided that knitting a pair of mitts was a good idea.  It was probably one of the days where the temperature ventured into single digits.  But in my chronic sleep deprived state I only knit one mitt.  So it sat in the bin with the ball of yarn waiting for it’s pair for a while.


You know what happens when you knit stuff half a sleep and then try to finish it a year + later you have no idea what needle you used and any attempt at making a matching pair will epically fail.


So I knit mitt number 2 and found it to be about twice the size as mitt one (which was to be expected).  Mitt one was also a tad small on my hands – which meant it would only fit small children because I have tiny hands.  I quickly whipped up a second matching mitt from the remnants of mitt one.


I give you Weekend Mitts.  The pattern is super easy and more of a recipe for gauge.  You can use whatever yarn/needles you want.  And if you don’t knit them when you are half asleep they only take an afternoon to finish. 



There isn’t even seaming to do.  You pick up the cast on stitches and bind off with a 3 needle bind off.  Easy peasy and perfect for that skein of handspun sitting around.


In all the packing and organizing….mystery shawl joined the trash pile.  I didn’t even frog it.  The thought of frogging zephyr lace with beads made me twitch.  I have a cone of yarn, so out came the scissors.  RIP mystery shawl.  I did not love you, I would have hated knitting you, and I doubt I would have ever used you.  The remaining cone will make something beautiful one day.


For those keeping track that now makes the finished pile bigger than the WIP pile.  The baby blanket still needs the ends woven in before it can officially swap lists. 


Jeanie is back in time out – while I work on the bottom edge.  The scrappy scarf and purple cardigan are coming along well.  I hope to start the sleeves tonight or tomorrow.  Then a couple pairs of socks and mittens are the home stretch.

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