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What slump?

I think I’ve hit a knitting slump since finishing Nefertiti.  I had plans and deadlines and I finished knitting before those deadlines – you should still be shocked and amazed at this.  Then I finished one 1/2 of the front of the Audrey Hepburn cardigan… and now I just don’t feel like knitting.


I’ve been working on Jeanie a few rows at a time.  I can only do k1,p1,k1,p1 for so long before I get twitchy.  I worked on it during Glee night at Jacie’s.  Tuesdays are quickly becoming a highlight of the week.  Knitting yarny goodness added in with delicious cooking and Glee.  Overall a fabulous way to spend an evening.

I did a little knitting on the doctor’s without borders sock at SnB last week – knitting in the round requires no brain effort at all which makes it the perfect SnB project.  We can get a little rowdy and that usually involves me making mistakes.  Maybe the knitting juju will come back soon… I am almost to half way on the finishing.


I did find a little spinning mojo last week.


Pretty singles from Spinner’s Hill.  I bought 8oz? Could have been 6… not exactly sure, at Rhinebeck 09.  It’s a red/orange/yellow transitional.  Right now I am spinning 4 singles – thinking I’ll make a chunky 4 ply.  If that looks like crap it will go back to being a 2 ply.  I’ve spun about 5/6th of the singles… just that little bit left of the 4th section waiting at home.  I really need to have more time in the day or less obligations (work, finding a job, etc.).  Hopefully it will get done in the next week or so… I doubt this weekend look at the upcoming schedule.


Busy weekend planned for the birthday celebrations:

Friday – Wicked in NYC with that boy person I date.

Saturday am – Playing in NYC with that boy person I date.

Saturday pm – Dinner at Max Burger with the crew for Jacie and Allison’s Birthday Extravaganza.  I am hungry already thinking about the deliciousness that will be had…fatty melt or miss daisy and some peanut brittle bacon ice cream… and maybe they will have crème brulee as a special again. 

Sunday – possibly playing at the Boston aquarium then dinner with my good friend Amanda from college.


I am already tired thinking about the craziness but at least those are all fun obligations.


Also today is Jacie’s birthday!!!! She is awesome and you should go tell her that.

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