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So last week I flew to Florida and gave 3 lectures.  Florida Southern paid me to come talk.  shhh.. don’t tell them I would have done it for free.

I gave a lecture to the Biology department about medical mission trips.  Several students came up to me after the talk and said they wanted to be me when they grew up. 

1.  When did I grow up?

2.  WEIRD… it’s still weird hearing people say things like that. 

One of my most hated (ie. loved him after the fact just not during the torture he called class) professors told me I was his Hero.  I’ve peaked.  It’s all downhill from here.  It’ was about the nicest compliment I’ve ever received.  This coming from the man that told me I’d never get into medical school and made me cry on several occasions. (I think he was just seeing if I had it in me to continue… but that’s not the point right now.)


Then I spoke that evening to the Religion and Biology’s as part of the Florida Center for Science and Religion Lecture “Theodicy and Natural Disasters.”

Saw a bunch of my KD sisters who came out to hear my speech.


My final speech was a candid Q&A to the pre medical students.  I do not sugar coat things.  I told them how much everything would suck and to be prepared for it.  Is all the suckage worth it… yes.  But you still should know that working 80 hours a week isn’t a great time.


Today I was recognized by the Senate of Connecticut.  I am the proud owner of an official Citation from the General Assembly for being awesome.  Ok it really says:

“In recognition of your exemplary commitment to humanitarian efforts and in appreciation of your work to provide needed medical care to the victims of the Haitian earthquake.  We thank you for your dedication and commend you for the spirit of compassion you represent within the medical profession”


I don’t know how to put this but I’m kind of a big deal.

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Reading patterns

Reading patterns is my nemesis.  I don’t think I have ever knitting something from a pattern (not a guideline as in knit this for a bunch of inches in this stitch pattern) without completely failing in reading.


I am a smart person.  I have several degrees that tell me so, but still I can’t read a pattern.


Let’s just bring up Evil Pink Vest and get it out of the way.  It was a complete and epic failure in the reading category.  I am sure I wouldn’t have hated it so much if I had done it right the first time or even the second time.  But alas, me and reading patterns do not get along.


I know everyone is smarter than me… so you probably see where this setting up is going.


Sunday night I was working on the Audrey Hepburn Cardigan (which I am going to be shocked if it fits – but that’s another story all in itself).  Cruising along in my cables and lace.  Getting ready to do the shaping for the arms and read the directions.  You know to make sure I don’t mess things up.


“BO 6 (8, 8, 9, 10) sts at beg of next WS row—49 (56, 63, 72, 80)
sts rem. BO 2 sts at beg of next 0 (0, 2, 3, 4) WS rows, then dec
1 st at end of next 5 (7, 5, 5, 5) RS rows—44 (49, 54, 61, 67) sts


Those are the directions for the shaping.  I know where a sleeve is.  I already had to redo the front because I put the selvage stitch at the wrong end.  So I decrease my 8 stitches and STARE at the directions for a good hour.  How on earth am I suppose to decrease on the right side of the work – that’s not the sleeve edge.  I even began posting this to my SnB’s ravelry page.  Then I read the directions again.  Decrease at the END of the row, not the beginning.  You know decrease where the sleeve is going to be.  GENIUS I tell you.  I am just disappointed in how long it took me to get that.  At least this time I caught my inability to read before i had to frog a few inches of knitting.


One day….pattern…one day.


Now I am off to cast on the left front piece.  Casting on… oh those words are music to my ears. 

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