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Little Orange Box

If you notice at the very end of the right column there’s a little orange box.  It says Dailymile.  Daily Mile is a handy dandy little social networking site for runners/walkers/swimmers/whateveritisthatyouliketodo.  You get to tally all your runs (insert exercise of choice) and it tells you how many donuts you burned.  This may be counter productive because it makes me want to go eat donuts.  It also tells you how many calories/total miles/times around the world/etc.  I also love graphs and statistics and it has LOTS of them.  I like to see when my longest run was, or the fastest.  It’s a fun little competition that I have with myself.


That’s right I’ve been running.  I hate running, but I also hate being fat and lazy.  And seeing as being healthy and losing weight is generally a simple math problem exercising is key. (calories burned > calories consumed = weight loss).  I promise it’s not really harder than that – and that is my medical advice.  Even with all the traveling and hospital visits I am averaging 3 times a week of running/walking – FOR A MONTH.  Be very impressed.


I am working on training for 5K using the Couch to 5K plan.  My favorite podcasts of the program are here.  There are several podcasts available, but I am just not a fan of techno music.  It makes me want to have a seizure.  I like the little ipod telling me run now, walk now, congrats on not dying while running today. 


I do have to give props to the program though.  I am not a runner.  I haven’t run since my high school GPA depended on it.  And if you think that my 4.0 GPA was going to be ruined by not being able to run the mile in whatever time they gave me… well that just wasn’t going to happen.  The program is based off intervals of running and walking.  The first week is 60 seconds of running 90 second of walking – repeat.  The amount of running gradually increases until oh week 5.  I am in the middle of week 5.  This morning it was two 8 minute chunks of running – which I did sounding like a 2 pack a day smoker (I blame the cold and not my inability to run).  I ran all 8 minutes (ok it was a slow run, but it was still running) without stopping.  The next day is suppose to be 20 minutes.  Hopefully the lungs will cooperate.


Why do this 5k thing you ask?  I am the type of person that needs goals.  I like deadlines, even if I wait and do 90% of the work the night before.  I still need to know that it’s there.  Have I signed up for a 5k?  hahah.. don’t get ahead of yourself there. 


Do I love running… no.  I am not a crazy marathon runner, yet.  Does it make me not feel like a giant blob when the sun hasn’t been out in days… maybe.  I am at least starting to appreciate the running.


It’s just another thing for people to make sure I am accountable.  I think left to my own devices I’d sit around eat chocolate all day, snuggle furball and start new knitting projects (did you hear that…. it was Jacie cringing).  But man I would be fat and happy just like furball.  (I added his modeling picture to his page, because it makes me laugh EVERY time.)


So you may hear more about running or whatever…this is your heads up.

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