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One third

If you’ve been keeping tabs on my ability to complete this Finish or Frog it adventure you should know I just hit the 1/3 mark – I believe its technically 35 percent complete, but that doesn’t sound as nice. The total number of projects ended up being 20. 20!!!!! And that’s just projects that I said yes let’s finish those and not them sit around for another few years which ended being frogged. I did add one to that list (Doctors without Borders sock). 19 is still a crazy amount of wips. And I have completed 7 projects. I know most of you thought I would flake on this project with my knitting ADD and severe case of startitis….to you nay sayer I say ha. I’ll have Nefertiti done soon and that will make 8. I could finish up a few of the small things and then its half way there….and its only April (well its still March but I like to think ahead).

The Be Sweet scarf and the spiral baby blanket — you are on the short list to get me to 50%….don’t get too cozy in the bin.

And to my knowledge there has been no stealing of my yarn by Jacie yet. Although I believe she learned not to enter into a contract with me without all specifications spelled out. She should have taken notes from my dad – the last time he did that we got a dog.

Tomorrow I am off to Lexington for an interview….I love airport knitting and people watching, its one of my favorite hobbies.

Have a happy Easter Passover Spring Holiday!!

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