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The good and the bad

Bad: I officially ran out of yarn for Tempting.

Good:  Once I obtain more yarn I will only be a few inches shy of finishing.

Bad: I now need to go to Webs.

Good: I now need to go to Webs.


Bad: I’ve frogged rows and rows of Jeanie.   Far more than I care to admit because apparently reading patterns in not my forte in life.  Cabling BACK should really not be that difficult, unless you actually do a Cable FRONT. 

Good:  I frogged an entire repeat, picked up all the stitches, started again, frogged another row, picked up all the stitches again – and I actually think I know where in the pattern I am in.

Bad:  K1b, P1, K1, P1b is really really really boring after a while.

Good: Jeanie is measuring 16 inches, which in theory makes it 1/4 done.


Bad: I am behind on my Nefertiti shawl, because well the beginning of the week sucked.

Good:  I still have lots of time to make it up, and I will have it done for my birthday.

Bad: I still hate the yarn.

Good: Furball has not eaten it yet – it apparently is not up to his standards.  Yarn snob.


Bad: I ate a ridiculously fattening dinner at Max’s Burger with Jacie

Good:  It was delicious and I went to the gym W, F, M, W and I have plans to go today. 


Bad: work related suckage– and that’s all I am saying about that.

Good:  Not sure there’s a good there yet….

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