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Our last morning in Port-au-Prince were were awoken at 1 am by another 4.7M earthquake, quickly followed by several small ones, and another larger earthquake (I’d guess somewhere around a 3.0M).  There was a small group of tents almost directly across the street from where we were staying.  People ran into the streets screaming.  I can not even fathom having to live there, having no option out.  I knew I got to leave and go home to my nice secure apartment, where the electricity and water always work, and yet I was still very freaked out.  This trip definitely changed my prescriptive on post traumatic stress and how the body copes with extreme situations.  I have no doubt that this knowledge will make me a better doctor.


I’ll spare the details of the morning leaving Haiti.  But let’s just thank the American Air lines pilot and flight attendant for holding the plane for me.  Delta is not on my list of things I like at the moment, mostly because they didn’t bother to tell me they had not resumed flights out of Haiti until I got to the airport.  (and I checked the website the night before and the flight said it was on-time and ready…boo Delta).  So the short story is for 3 hours I was almost stuck in Haiti and there was much freaking out.  But thankfully I made it home, and I have never been so excited to be in the Miami airport than I was that day.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the stories.  The photo album above has some of my favorite pictures – some old and a few that I hadn’t posted yet. 


Thank you to everyone who helped me go on this trip.  Thank you for caring for the Haitian people.  Your generosity made it possible for us to treat 1,600 patients and to help hundreds of families.

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