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Nefertiti was my LAST and I do mean last cast on.  I may have put the 5 or whatever stitches the cast on calls for on the needles on Dec 31st at 6pm… but they were on there BEFORE January 1st.  And yes Jacie reminds me that this is not technically against the rules, but she frowns upon my skirting of the general principles.

The first 8 charts (of 18 – yes there are 18 charts) of the pattern are pretty redundant and easy to figure out if you make a mistake.  But I never make mistakes so it’s all good.  Ignore the random dropped stitch that I tied off…whistles innocently. K3tog and sssk… I can’t be responsible for ALL of the stitches– one stitch tried to run away, but it’s not going anywhere now.  Take that defiant stitch.

Now I’ve started chart 9 and the pattern changed.  It’s not as easy to read the stitches.  There is a reoccurring theme of a YO K1 YO that travels the entire length of the stole.  So if the k1 isn’t in the right place… well you only have to fix a few stitches to get back on track.

For the next few charts – the directions are rather long, so it’s not a take and carry project until I get back to the decreases.  So I mostly work on a few rows at a time in the morning before I go to work.  I’d really like to have the shawl done by April 20th at the LATEST.  I have a super fun date on the 23rd seeing Wicked in NYC with the boyfriend person.  Yeah he’s taking me there for my birthday, and we have orchestra level tickets.  You may be jealous.  I want the shawl blocking by the time I sleep on the 20th so it will be dry and fabulous to take to Broadway.  It is not a completely irrational plan.  I am normally a process knitter, but I really really really want to wear this.

If I did the math correctly – and we know that’s a 50/50 chance to begin with.  I need to knit 6.05 rows a day.  I figure on weekends I can get a few more rows in and make up the 0.05.


A picture of it looking like yarn vomit… which all lace does until you magically block it.  And that picture was during chart 2 or 3.

Have I mentioned that I sort of hate the yarn?  Madelintosh Lace – in thunderstorm.  Now mind you, I did buy this online before actually seeing it in person.  It is suppose to be a dark blue.  When I ordered it from WEBS the twist that I also ordered was on back order – so the order sat until all of it was in.  Because I have no will power against malabrigo we went to webs to buy more twist anyway.  I found the lace yarn, looked at what I purchased and thought yay dark blue semi solid awesomness.  Was that what came in the mail?  No.  I got a mostly black skein (there’s very little color variation at all) that’s rough and not soft like the other Tosh yarn I’ve knit with.  I am pretty sure I just got a crappy skein, but I am still slightly disappointed in it.

I am not swearing off all Tosh yarn – because the sock yarn is just yummy, and I want to knit with Prairie in a few years.

This weekend is filled with helping friends move, seeing the ballet, and spending some time with the boyfriend person…. sounds like a good plan to me.

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While in Les Caye we were able to visit a school run by the Bethanie Mission (where we stayed while in Les Caye).

Can you say cutest kids EVER…


When we went to the orphanage (also run by Bethanie Mission)… Robert (who’s a full time missionary in Guatemala) brought wooden flutes to give to the kids.  It’s a good thing he also brought someone who knows how to play flute (me in case you didn’t know).

So I taught a blind girl to play a recorder style flute and another little girl how to play a more traditional flute.  They are similar to penny flutes – as their fingers are slightly different than a concert flute.  Not that most people care, but I am telling you anyway because it’s my story and I want to.


A few of the children at the orphanage were victims of the earthquake losing their parents.

The city of Les Caye was relatively spared from the earthquake.  We did receive word that about a week after we left there was a big flood in the city.  The school we visited flooded.  I haven’t heard word as to how much damage was done, but hopefully it was minimal.

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