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I’ll write a proper post with pictures when I get home…

The destruction in the city is just unbelievable.  We drove around in the heart of Port-au-Prince and looked at all the collapsed buildings.  The ones that had not completely fallen over are spilling into the street or leaning on other buildings.   There is debris everywhere – and bodies still under most of it.  The people who died in the street have been taken care of, but there are so many buildings that were leveled during the earthquake that it will take months if not a year to remove all the debris and find all the bodies.  I tried to take pictures of some of the buildings but I know they don’t do it justice.  The earthquake destroyed so much for a country that had so little to begin with.

What amazes me most about the people of Haiti has been their ability to continue.  Houses were destroyed.   So they made do with bed sheets and sometimes tarps.  Tie a few sticks together and drape a sheet over it, instant home.  We saw men rebuilding collapsed walls.  Taking the crushed concrete out – one wheelbarrow at a time.  Hammering out the dented siding and support poles.

I’ll write more about the clinics when I get home and can upload the hundreds of pictures I have.

Just wanted everyone to know that we are safe and continue to send your happy thoughts to the people of Haiti – who’ve shown us they have amazing spirits and a love for life.

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