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It’s almost time….

I leave for Haiti EARLY Sunday morning.  We had some issues verifying flights.  The original plan involved chartering a plane from Florida, but they couldn’t guarantee the 25 seats we needed.  So the plans changed to flying from JFK and flying into the Dominican Republic and then busing over to Haiti and flying back from Port-au-Prince.  The mini side trip to see the parents while I was in Florida was cancelled.  Plane tickets were exchanged and new tickets were bought.  I won’t tell you how much because it may cause your heart to stop, and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for that.

Jacie being the awesome person that she is will be taking me to the Hartford Holiday Inn at 1:00 am Sunday morning.  Yes you read that right, 1 am.  I will be taking the CT Limo to JFK and catching my flight later that morning.  I’ll arrive in the DR Sunday afternoon will meet up with the group (Oh did I mention I’m flying by myself and meeting the group in a foreign country… it’s a good thing I’ve done this several times.)  We will start organizing the pharmacy and separating out the medications.  Then we’ll head over to Haiti Monday morning.

My clothes are all washed and sitting ready to be placed in a suitcase.  I have a few odds and ends to pick up from the store tomorrow morning and then the actual act of packing.  It should not come as a shocker that I am not packed and I leave in 36 hours or so.  I am notorious for packing at the last minute.

Tomorrow’s game plane will consist of Target run/errands, followed by packing and cleaning, loving on the kitty so he doesn’t hate me when I come home, dinner with Kris, Jacie, and Tracy at Ballou’s Wine Bar (a restaurant that specializes in WINE and has fondue… hello heaven) followed up by the  Vagina Monologues at Yale.  Then a short trip back to Newington, put suitcase in car, 20 minute power nap? then off to the airport.  Who needs sleep? 


The Evil Pink Vest is 99% completed.  I finished all the knitting last night at SnB.  I did not run out of yarn.  I was very worried I was going to.  I did alter the edging slightly.  The pattern called for picking up 128 (well 130 with seaming… who wants to seam 7 rows of ribbing – nope going to knit in the round, sorry pattern.)  I ended up picking up 100 for each arm band.  There’s no gaping so I think it’s ok.  I am sure it could accordion in a little bit, but the point is to have it done.  I only knit 6 rows instead of 7 of the ribbing.  oooooh big change.  So now all that’s left to do is weaving in the 8 millions ends.


I shall leave you with the excerpt from the original blog posts about Evil Pink Vest (formerly known as Sporty Little Number)

March 17, 2007

I am working on my first sweater (well actually sweater vest). I was deathly afraid of sweaters until recently. I’ve knitted a couple baby kimonos which are insanely easy, and I’ve knit a dog sweater. So after that how much harder can an adult sweater be. I am knitting the Little Sporty Number from Sublime. I am using Sublime extra fine merino, which is to die for. It is very soft and just fabulous to knit with. I chose the pinkish/red color redcurrant. When I get back to Wytheville where my camera is I’ll try to take a few pictures of it in progress.

 sporty little number

March 25, 2007

Here’s my Sublime Little Sporty Numbers Vest. This is my first big people sweater, and I picked a pretty complex pattern so again it will be done in 5 years or so. I really enjoy knitting with Sublime. It’s a fabulous yarn. And here’s a close up of the cable/bobble section. Cables are one of my new favorite things to knit.sporty little number 2



Expect pictures galore in a few weeks… Send happy/safe thoughts until the 24th.

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