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I try not to be negative… no one wants to be around that.  If you know me – you know I had a really hard last year.  Being miserable is not fun.  And just because this is what struck me in the car this morning during my 40 minute commute.  I will eventually solve World Peace during the drive – but this morning it was thankfulness.


1.  I am thankful for my friends – Boyfriend commented that I have WAY too many genuinely awesome/good people friends.  And he’s right.  I have a lot of genuinely awesome people in my life.  It took me a while to learn how to find them.  I’d love to tell you the secret but I am not even sure exactly how it’s done.  I can tell you I was not so good at picking out friends in High School.  When I joined Kappa Delta in college I found a WHOLE group of people that were awesome.  They each brought something unique to our group.  We were different but had common goals and morals.  Each time we brought new sister in – they shared a little bit of that.  I’m pretty sure they taught me how to find super awesome people.  Sometimes it’s chance that puts two people in the same place at the same time.  But whatever it is… I’m thankful for all my friends.  Thanks for being awesome and always there for me.


2.  I am thankful for Furball.  That cat loves me.  He may be a giant whore cat – and he may only love me for food.  But whatever, how can you have a bad day when he greets you at the door and then curls up on you.  He is is the sweetest thing on four legs and it makes everything better.  There’s nothing better than a purring cat.  Salem is the loudest purrer EVER – so it works out well for us.  He may be obnoxious and eat yarn and knock stuff over and climb on my face when I sleep, but he’s always super cute and lovable.  He lets me torture him and carry him around like a baby.  He never ceases to amuse me – when he falls off the bed, when he kneads the air out of pure happiness, or when he’s completely content in a ball on blanket sleeping in a sunbeam.  He’s a great cat – even for those non-cat type people.  I already know I am half way there to becoming the crazy cat lady – I’m cool with this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Oh… rough life kitty has.


What are you thankful for? – other than you are NOT knitting the Evil Pink Vest, because seriously that would make me thankful.

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