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Why on earth can I not read directions??  They are just typed words.  To be honest the pattern is not that difficult so why can I not follow them?

I managed to mess up the arm shaping of the evil pink vest AGAIN.  This time I read the WRONG directions.  Yes there are two sets of arm shaping.  One for the sweater version and one for the vest version.  Guess what directions I did? Guess what I realized this morning?  That is was all wrong.  And not even just a little wrong, like a few stitches off… NO IT’S A 20 STITCH DIFFERENCE.  AHHHH!!!!!  20 stitches.  I can’t even pretend to fix that.  So out came the needles for the 8th time or so and I frogged back 20 rows or whatever I had already done and started the arm shaping AGAIN.  This is attempt 3 of the shaping and we won’t even mention how long it took me to get the transition from the ribbing to the stockinette in order because that was just a disaster and a half.  I believe this vest was placed on the earth to test my patience, and it sure is exceeding those expectations.

Sporty Little Number may be renamed Evil Pink Vest.. I can’t abbreviate it looks too much like EBV which is Epstein Barr virus – and then I get all nerdy and medical and nobody wants that.  Anyway Evil Pink Vest is well the devil.  It has been just one trial after another since I started it over 3 YEARS AGO.  I cast on in 2006 (the 4 year mark is in March). It has managed to light a fire that has me determined to finish it now.  I will master the Evil Pink Vest – and I will bask in it’s glory and it will be wonderful. 

Now if I could just manage to get through the last few sets of directions.  This morning while waiting for the snow to clear I reknit the shaping and I am about 28 rows from binding off the back.  Then I need to figure out if I have enough yarn for the edging or if I need to buy more.      

Evil Pink Vest you may have won the battle … but I am going to win the war.

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