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Where did the month go?  Yes, I know, I went to New Orleans and Paris, saw penguins, went to a hockey game, saw Chicago, raised $1,500 to go to Haiti, and did a bunch of other stuff.  But it still feels like January flew by.


Looking at the calendar now February will not be any more relaxing than January was for me.  At least no one can say I didn’t live up my extra time this year.  So far the month looks like a Webs trip with Jacie and Karen for LSG’s 2nd Birthday, Superbowl party at Kristin’s house, seeing the Vagina Monologues with some awesome women (and maybe wine and fondue before hand), a bunch of Kappa Delta stuff in Fairfield, a week in Haiti, possibly another hockey game, and that’s all I can remember right now.  Life is busy – and I love it.


On the knitting front – You’d think with a doctorate degree that would mean I could read directions for knitting a vest.  We’ll you’d be wrong.  I am not sure what it is about the Sporty Little Number vest – but we just don’t get along.  Maybe it’s because I tried to decrease at SnB when I am clearly distracted, or not had enough coffee yet.  The good news is… I am at the arm hole shaping of the vest, after only ripping out the decreases once.  I think I even tried to make notes and save them from the first time I made the vest.  I keep looking at the front and reminding myself WHY… why do I torture myself so much.  Because that vest is going to be beautiful.  Now put the big girl panties on and keep knitting.  Really it’s not that bad.  I bet you could even get Jacie to seam it for you.  So really inner self… stop being a baby.  Just finish the vest already. 

Jacie…did I do a good job at yelling at myself??

IMGP2550 Just in case you needed a reminder on how pretty the front is…. the back is completely different and I am too lazy to take pictures right now.. so there.


A little rant about the back of the vest….Really who writes a pattern with all those bobbles on the front and back.  That can’t be comfortable.  I am sure it looks pretty, but realistically that has got to suck.  Every move … bobbles poking you in the back, WHY????.  The plan for this vest is “work” clothes.  Bobbles under a white coat.. no thank you.  So where the bobbles are … I kept the cables (they are not nearly as annoying) and added a third cable between them.  I had originally planned on just the two cables but there was too much space between them, it looked a little funny.  So now there’s three cables – one panel is right twist and the other is left twist.  I will take picture sometime… just not now.


We had our Secret Snowflake on Saturday at SnB.  Yes, we do know it’s the end of January and Christmas was a month ago.  We are super busy people, and we had other plans (Paris/Hockey).  So we exchanged gifts this week.  Lilian was my secret snowflake.  She wanted numbered stitch markers.  Have I told you the awesomeness that is etsy yet.  Because really, I’m a little in love.  Type in “numbered stitch markers” and bam.. 10 pages.  Ok maybe not 10, but it was that easy.  I also brought back some sock yarn from Paris.  The only sock yarn I could find in Paris.  I would be a sad knitter there.  No Malabrigo and one skein of sock yarn.  Paris you may have delicious food and wine… but I have yummy yarn.


I was Kate’s secret snowflake.  Kate got me the Shaken not Stirred scarf kit – in what we think is Fuzzy Navel color.  It’s redish and awesome.  It comes with little beads for the olives, and a fun martini stitch marker.  I am not sure I’ll ever use the stitch marker.  Because if you don’t know me — I lose stitch makers.  Just about anytime I decide to make something that needs them I lose half of what I started with.  I fling them off on accident or lose them in chairs.  Most of my friends have a lovely collection of my stitch makers now.  The martini is too cute to lose, it would make me sad. 


I’m off to the doctor’s office this afternoon to get all my meds for Haiti.  I think I’ll get a tetanus booster – I can’t remember when my last one was.  Pretty sure it’s about 7 years old.  There’s cases of tetanus in Haiti right now and I’d like to not get it so left arm I hope you are ready for the pain.  I’ll also get my antimalaria meds, cipro/flagyl incase parasites/bacteria decide they think I’d make a good host, and maybe HIV prophylaxis for good measure.  I need to review the CDC recommendations before my appointment.  We are still waiting on the flight times to Haiti to be finalized but I leave for Florida in less than 2 weeks.  Keep sending us happy thoughts and what not.  I know others in the group are still raising money and trying to get shifts covered for work. 

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