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Paris Recap

Well we made it to Paris (finally) and back safely.  I did manage to catch a cold along the way somewhere, but overall had a great time.


We had some dramas getting there.  Things included on lists: Tried to check in with Air France – no tickets, sent to Delta.  Walked all over JFK airport.  Delta says oh noes tickets are no good.  Delta says they reissued tickets (after travel company mess up), but Air France didn’t give you actual ticket numbers.   Jack (new BFF) called up Air France and said need new ticket numbers now.  Jack made everything better ticket wise.  YAY JACK!!!  Check in.  Go through security.  Drink margaritas at chili’s.  Go wait for airplane.  Airplane has broken thing-a-majig that tells the pilot the elevation of the plane… kinda seems like an important part.  Decide new plane is better than broken plane.  New plane is gotten out of storage.  Truck driving over said plane catches on fire – Port Authority show up.  Make friends with people in the airport.  Go back to fixing first plane.  Many hours go by.  Finally fix plane 1, get on plane.  Stupid man on plane decides he no longer wants to fly on said fixed plane at 1 am (departure was suppose to be at 930p) so must go through ALL luggage to find his so he can go home.  If I had been awake would have wanted to kick said man.  Miss connecting flight in Dublin.

Connect in Dublin – relatively drama free.  Air France already had us booked on the next flight out.  Did have mini freak out when sign says “NO KNITTING NEEDLES ON PLANE”… wut??? Knitting needles did in fact go through security and either that sign is old or they don’t care.  And this is the reason the Signature needles stayed at home. 

Arrived in Paris.  Found train to take us to the metro.  Got on broken train.  Moved at snail pace, stopped for unknown amount of time.  Tried sleeping over small child yelling in British English “Daddy.. I’m hungry”.  Which after the first 30 times or so, is no longer cute.

Arrived in Hotel, passed out.

Day 1: Louvre and Musee d’Orsay –saw lots of beautiful art (Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory, blue hippo, Lace Maker, Degas, Monet, Van Gogh), St. Germain Street – hot chocolate at Cafe de Flore – melted chocolate bar in a cup o’ deliciousness is what they should call it.  Found Yarn at Le bon Marche.  Got rained on.  Tried to find Christian Louboutin store for Jacie.  No such luck.  Then planned on napping then going to dinner… hahaha.  No dinner that night.  Oh well – did get lots of sleep.  Drank wine and ate chocolate for dinner instead.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Spinning Wheel Art

Day 2:   Went to Notre Dame.  Saw the beginning of mass and heard the pipe organ – AWESOME!!! Took a million pictures.  Climbed the 400 stairs to the top of Notre Dame.  Saw awesome gargoyles, took more pictures.  Thought my legs were going to fall off.  Walked down the 400 stairs.  Saw the archeological crypts of Notre Dame.  Was amazed on stuff being from the 3rd century – that’s crazy old. Ate delicious cheese quiche and chocolate tart for lunch.  Went to Sainte Chapelle.  Took another million pictures.  Up a few more flights of stairs.  Walked up Avenue des Champs-Élysées.  Looked at fancy stores that we could not afford.  Petted wall o’cashmere.  Climbed another 300+ stairs to the top of the Arc de Triomphe.  Took more pictures.  Legs said I hate you for climbing a billion stairs.  Reminded legs we still had to go down another 300 stairs before they could give out.  Found my new French po-po boyfriends (the story is far funnier in person).  Ate foie gras, did not die.  Went to the Eiffel Tower – took more pictures.  Was told elevator was broken, no can go to top.  Insert sad face.  Went back to hotel and drank more wine and ate pastries.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Arc de Triomphe

Day 3:  Went to Montmartre.  Was pleasantly surprised that we were in the fabric district.  Epic failure on the guide book for not mentioning this. Petted fabric – accidently ran into yarn a few times.  We can smell it – I swear.  Walked up a million more stairs to the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur.  Walked around the crypts – saw tombs of Cardinals, slightly creepy.  Decided we did not to see the tower – it was foggy and really a million more stairs was not going to happen.  Found more yarn stores.  Visited the Hard Rock.  Bestest has a thing about with their hurricane glasses.  Talked to Bartender who’s family is from Lyme, CT.  Went on fancy boat dinner cruise on the Seine.  Ate delicious food and drank fabulous wine.  Took blurry pictures through boat glass.

P1183541 Sace Coueur

Day 4: Found yarn stores, walked around random parts of the city.  Took pictures of fire department, the Opera House, random stuff I liked.  Got stuff from hotel – took metro/trains back to airport.  Walked all over airport.  Half checked in with Air France.  Printer ate some boarding passes and what not.  Went through security check point one.  Shoes made xray machine unhappy.  Got patted down.  Cleared security.  Had passport checked 8 times between check in and plane boarding.  Went to gate.  Went through security check point 2.  Contents of bag emptied on to table.  Patted down a second time.  I think I should get dinner or something before all that….maybe I should have brought my French Po-Po boyfriends.  Wait for plane.  Get passport checked a few more times.  Get on plane – watch movies.  Try to turn heel of sock.  Drop stitch, put knitting away.  Finally get home at some un-godly hour.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Bestest and me at Notre Dame

More pictures here or on facebook.  I really liked Notre Dame in case you don’t pick up on it from the number of pictures I took of it.

New fancy computer has Photoshop which makes editing pictures very fun.


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