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It sucks to live in Haiti at the moment.   

Most of you know that I have a fondness for developing countries and helping out those in need.  I’ve been to Kenya twice and spent a month in
Honduras serving the poorest of the poor.  While in medical school I also helped out with some flood relief in Missouri after the mighty Mississippi decided to flood our Dean’s hometown.  VCOM also supported post Katrina clean up and medical clinics, even if they didn’t let my year go – something about going to class was important.  blah blah.  When tragedy hits I need to do something.  I am hoping my school is putting together a group to go down there, but until then I have money.

Anyway… I’m a big fan of Doctors Without Borders, I even own some Doctors without Borders sock yarn.  But mostly I love them because I want to work for them later on in life.  Hurry up residency… I have developing countries to visit and lives to save.  The Yarn Harlot is also a big fan of them.. one more reason why knitters are awesome.  She put up the The Knit Signal yesterday asking people to find that extra couple dollars that would have been spent at Starbucks and send it to an organization to help out in Haiti.  The news reports that they are sending inflatable OR’s to Haiti because the buildings were so badly damaged.  Is it wrong if I now want my very own inflatable OR?  How handy would that be.  What… shiny things.  Ok back on topic.  The Yarn Harlot keeps a ruining tally of all the knitters that donate, because knitters are awesome like that.  So go search under the couch cousins go through the giant cup of change sitting around your place and help out the people in Haiti.  I gave them a few bucks.

In the process of donating money I found this nifty website – Pennies per Hour of Pleasure.  Another knitting group that is supporting Doctors without borders.  They have free patterns available for download and all they ask if that you donate pennies per hour of pleasure.  The company is based out of the UK and made it’s way all the way over here.  When I am allowed to knit new items again…the Trinity Shawlette will be awesome in one of the thousands of socks yarns I have sitting around… or maybe some handspun.  Check out their patterns.  I linked them on the side… also knitters without borders is there too.

An infamous group on Ravelry… LSG has already collectively donated over $6,000 to various organizations supporting Haiti in about 24 hours.  That number is still climbing.  And with that group, nothing shocks me any more.

Never underestimate the power of the needles.

I responded to the Knit-Signal… will you?

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And off we go….

Time sure has flown by the last couple of months, and I wasn’t even too sleep deprived to enjoy it.  Bestest and I booked a trip WAY back in July to Paris.  Why may you ask?  Because it was dirt cheap, and really does one need a reason to go to Paris other than that.

After many months of waiting… the time has finally come, we leave tonight.  I have my suitcase mostly packed – minus the hand knit socks that are not drying fast enough to pack them, passport, travel book, French phrase book, and the obligatory yarn all ready to go.   Oh.. the camera is packed too.. don’t worry Jacie I didn’t leave it at home this time.

Karen’s already mapped out a few yarn stores and I am pretty sure one afternoon will consist of coffee/wine/croissants and yarn in a cafe.  I can’t think of a better afternoon.  There will be museums, delicious food and wine…I can hardly wait. 

In case you don’t follow Jacie…and you should because she’s made of awesome.  It is in fact been scientifically proven.  She made a beautiful tam made from Malabrigo and Mulberry Merino.  Seeing as she’s been in a hat knitting craze and it matches my pretty moss stitch scarf, she gave me said awesomeness.  Guess what’s going to be on my head while I am in Paris?  It’s ridiculously soft and hand knit by one of my favorite people in the world.  Be on the look out for the hat making random appearances at well known Paris destinations.

Well I should probably go finish my errands and pretend to do a few hours of work before we leave.  Enjoy the long weekend.


WIPs making the trip – Nefertiti and Blue/brown Regia toe up socks.

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