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I put Sporty Little Number back on the needles.  The once completely done vest that I took apart 3 years ago.  I started and finished in 2007.  I was mad at the pattern (ie. mostly myself) for not fitting well.  The front piece fit perfect.  The back called for patterned bobbles on the back.  Who wants bobbles on their back?  How is that even comfortable.  So I took them out of the pattern and knit the back in stockinette.  Did I take into account that there’s 4 cables in included in that?  Did I even pay attention to the fact that I needed to decrease a few stitches to make it fit? hahaha NO.  I will chalk this one up to lack of knowledge in garment construction.  I believe it was my first venture into garments.  I had all the ends woven in and ready to wear and then the back piece was too big.  I took it apart, piece by piece and it sat in the WIP for a few years while I learned how to knit sweaters.  The front is too beautiful to frog, so that meant that it needed to be in the finish pile.

I had originally thought that continuing the ribbing all the way up the back was a good idea.  Again… what was I thinking.  I’ve knit sweaters.  Why on earth did I think this was a good idea.  So I frogged a few inches of ribbing, back to the original length decided that I should be cables on the back but with no bobbles.  So far this seams like a good plan.  Because I didn’t want the bobbles, the space between the two cables seemed too big without all the fuss.  I added a third cable in the middle.  In “theory” this should take in the back enough for it to fit and won’t look horrible.

Sporty Little Number

I had the worst time putting this project back on the needles.  I thought I cast on the 36 – so I did the decreases in the pattern and ended up with 12 extra stitches or something.  I finally counted the stitches and I apparently cast on the 38 size.  Or I knit the front in 36 and the back in 38… which might account for it being horrible ill fit.  Either way I think it took 5 times to get it right.  I blame the headache I had all weekend.

I am now worried that I am going to run out of yarn.  I don’t remember how much yarn I had left when I deconstructed the vest… and I added 6 cables to the back.  My back up plan is to do the cuffs in a different dye lot if needed.  I am not even sure that Sublime has dye lots, but I assume they do.  I don’t think it will be horribly noticeable if the ribbed cuffs don’t match 100%…right?  Or I can do a contrasting color, or maybe I’ll have enough yarn. It’s a good thing the yarn isn’t discontinued.

The best part about knitting Sporty Little Number right now… I get to use my circular signature needles.  It was so sad to see my shiny new needles sitting on the table not being used.  I didn’t think any of my wips were on size 6 needles.  Low and behold when I read the pattern again the body was knit on 6’s, the ribbing was on 3’s.  SCORE!!!! After I finish the vest I think they’ll go back to being sad lonely needles on the table, but until then I am super happy about them.  I enjoy them much more with the sublime yarn vs the madeline tosh.  The join and the Tosh Lace just don’t slide well.  So the Tosh was moved to lace addi’s on size 4… working much better for the pattern/yarn/needles.

In other news… I am currently in New Orleans hanging out with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  On the plane ride here I started sock number two of Alternating 2×2 rib socks by David Simpson.  I love sport weight socks knit on 3’s… they magically appear.  I am not super happy about knitting them on my addi dpns.  While I love my turbos and lace needles… I do not love their dpns, mostly because they are short. I’d like them to be about an inch longer.  They poke me in the palm of my hand when I knit and I get a red spot.  But they were the only 3’s I could find this morning at 5 am when I was packing my yarn for my trip.

Yes that is a mostly done sock that sat in a bag for half a year.

I am far too excited about all the delicious food I will be eating this weekend.

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