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Finished Project One

Finally done

Pattern: Clapotis

Yarn: Silky Merino Malabrigo, I believe in color Rupestre, less than 4 skeins.

Needles: Size 4 Addi turbos

Cast on: June 2008

Cast off: Jan 1 2010

I believe I bought the first skeins of the silky malabrigo during my first visit to Creative Fibers.  It was Knit in Public Day and I had recently moved from Virginia to Connecticut after medical school graduation.  If I can remember the details correctly I’d lived here less than a week.  I moved from a FANTASTIC LYS in Blacksburg Virginia (Mosaic Yarn Shop) and was pretty bummed about leaving my yarn friends.  Well the amazing thing that is Ravelry had listed all the KIP events.  I googled a few Connecticut locations and decided I could figure out where Windsor was…. as it was only a 15 minute drive from my house.  I met some great people that day (Karen, Aaron, Melissa, Corie, Deb, and Marua) many who I am not sure where’d I be with out them.  I had to confess that I had no idea where the nearest yarn store was.  As the storm clouds moved in we moved our knitting from the Windsor Green to the couches at Creative Fibers. I always try to support the local yarn business and I am a tactile person.  I want to fondle the yarn and see the colors before I spend a ridiculous amount of money on yarn.  That day a few skeins of wine colored silky malabrigo decided it needed to come home with me and make me less lonely amidst all the boxes in my apartment.

As to why I chose the pattern.  Well the Clapotis or better known as the Clap… well it gets around.  I think most of the ladies at Mosaic had knit one or three.  They even altered the pattern putting baby cables between the dropped stitches.  It never called to me until I had the right yarn in my hands.

Because I changed the yarn and needles, I opted for the make your own size clapotis.  The pattern is set up as increase until you like it, work even, then decrease all the stitches you thought increasing were a good idea.  I am not even sure how many stitches across the finished project is, and I will not be counting them any time soon.  Originally I had stitch markers placed at every drop stitch – so I would know I needed to knit through the back loop of the preceding and following stitches.  I must have lost 100 of them or so.  Every time I worked on it a stitch marker would fly off and go under/into/around the chair I was sitting in.  My friends joke that they all have new stitch marker collections because of this, and to be truthful they probably aren’t far off.  Closer to the end I switched the dropped stitches to a purl stitch and removed all the markers.  So there were no more lost stitch markers and I didn’t really have to think about the pattern while knitting.

I am not sure why this languished so long in the pile of WIPs… maybe it was residency or my ability to be distracted by shiny new yarns and a spinning wheel.  Whatever the reason were, it is now complete.  Ends woven in and all.  I did not block it, mostly because I wanted to wear it immediately.  What could be better than wrapping malabrigo around your neck and sunggly up with it?  I may never take the thing off now.  It sure will be beautiful and keep me toasty warm while I meander through Paris with my best friend in a few weeks.

I apologize for the craptastic picture.  I left my camera cord in Florida – so it has to be mailed to me.  Until then I have the web camera – and yes I did take pictures at work, and yes I will be productive soon. 🙂

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