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I thought lists were suppose to be for BEFORE christmas…but I really like making lists.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  Need to make decisions – pros  and cons lists.  Lists of things to do.  It’s a highly effective way of organizing information.  So this post is dedicated to a few lists.

Jacie and I tackled the giant disaster known as my stash and WIPs.  Let’s just say it was not a light afternoon.  Kitty was very helpful rolling around in all the yarn and was very interested in helping with the frogging.

What yarn??

He even modeled a lovely cowl that was formerly a sweater.  Too bad he wouldn’t sit still for his glamor shots.

Ok on to the lists.

The list of items to finish…

  1. Blue/Green 2×2 sock in David Simpson yarn
  2. Pink jaidyn scarf
  3. Thrummed mittens
  4. Cabled socks in greater Adirondack yarn
  5. Moss stitch scarf in Debbie bliss chunky cahsmerino
  6. Sporty little number in sublime
  7. Purple lace cardigan in Berroco Comfort
  8. Jeanie
  9. Mystery shawl
  10. Be sweet scarf
  11. Firestarters for Heidi in Dream in Color
  12. Plymouth toe-ups
  13. Tempting in Twist
  14. Clapotis in silky Malabrigo
  15. Peekaboo mitt
  16. Handspun mitt
  17. Spiral baby blanket
  18. Nefertiti (my LAST cast on of the year)

Just a side note — each item will get it’s own entries later.  One before it’s completed and one after.  I throw in a few frogged items every once in a while 🙂

The items we frogged…

  1. Red Swallowtail from Zephry Cone
  2. Grey blob of sweater
  3. Alpaca cabled yoke
  4. Blue weekend knits poncho
  5. Blue tweed fitted knits vest
  6. One skein wonder in handspun
  7. Palindrome scarf
  8. Purple/blue/green hat
  9. Creative pi shawl
  10. Chuck socks in red/orange
  11. Chuck socks in blue/multi
  12. Noro sock
  13. Tofutsi sock
  14. Red sock in Crystal Palace Panda Silk yarn
  15. Red blob hat
  16. Kitty-eaten home spun lace scarf

Now the knitted items I finished in 2009….and yes I did finish some.

  1. Swallowtail *
  2. Penguin Hat 2.75 *
  3. Heidi’s Cowl *
  4. Boyfriend Hat 1.0 *
  5. Boyfriend Hat 2.0 *
  6. Rhinebeck Sweater
  7. Kai me socks
  8. Lace Cable Socks
  9. Blue Nutkin Socks
  10. Chemo Hat
  11. February Lady Sweaer
  12. Green and White Nutkin
  13. Melissa’s Maze socks
  14. Tracy’s Slippers *
  15. Noro Scarf
  16. Penguin Hat 1.0 *

Starred items where completed between November and December.  Yes almost half that list was done in 2 months… nothing like procrastination.

I am 95% done with the Clapotis.  It’s off the needles… now I just need to drop about a million stitches which is much easier said than done with the silky malabrigo and weave a few ends in.  If I am really good I should be able to sport it at the Bacon/Cheese/Chocolate Potluck tomorrow.  mmmm.. heart attack on a plate.  It’s  probably a good thing I know most of the cardiologist in the greater Hartford area and any of the doctor’s that would be admitting us.

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