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The final cast on

Seeing as the first is rapidly approaching and Jacie will be laying the smack down on my startitis I just HAD to start one last project.  My new Signature Needle circulars arrived yesterday while I was at Disney.  I ordered US 6, 5 inch needles, stiletto tips with a 40 inch cable.  The cable is less flexible than addis but more flexible than my denise needles. I LOVE the stiletto tips.  So far I think they are great.  The needles rotate within in the join, which takes a little getting use to.  I keep thinking that it’s going to separate or something like that, and then I would cry.  But I heard they were designed this way so the cable doesn’t twist up on itself.  I started Nefertiti in Madeline Tosh lace.  I am not sure if it’s the yarn or the join, but it snags just a little over the join.  I still love them regardless.

1 chart done...

oooh needles

I’ve been working on the Clapotis.  I am now decreasing – which is taking longer than I would like.  But hey it’s what happens when you don’t follow the directions and just increase until you like the size.  Now I have to decrease all those increase I thought were a good idea last year.

oh hi dropped stitch

One of the fun parts of the Clapotis is dropping the stitches.  With the silky malabrigo the dropped stitches all stick to each other.  I usually have to tease them apart.  You’d think those stitches would just magically fall… but they don’t.  I was knitting last night and noticed a dropped stitch that was not suppose to be dropped.  Why do those stitches fall rows and rows with no encouragement.  I think they know they shouldn’t drop and do it anyway.  Rebel stitches.

So now I have to fix the stitches…. the super blunt wooden needle wasn’t so useful in picking up the stitches.  Good thing I have new shiny stiletto tips.  Then it will be back to the never ending decreases.  At least I have something to do after my nap on the plane tomorrow.

I have to leave for the airport at some un-godly hour of the morning… coughcough4amcoughcough.  Instead of packing and sleeping I will be eating pumpkin pie and knitting.  Packing will consist of throwing things in a bag and closing it.  But tomorrow I will back in the arctic tundra with a whorish furball and Jacie and I will start organizing the Finish or Frog it project.

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