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Penguin Hat Version 2.0

Penguin Hat version 1.0 and yes... I have a glass head filled with yarn scraps

I wrote down version 2.0 of the Penguin hat yesterday and promptly went and picked up yarn to make it with. (I have tons of orange/white cascade 220 incase anyone wants it to make their own penguin hat).

Cascade 220 in White/Black/Orange

Cascade 220 in White/Black/Orange

I think I may have made the white block too wide.  It kinda makes Mr. Penguin too fat.  Maybe I’ll decide tomorrow he’s not too fat after I make Jacie seam him. Yes I could seam it, but Jacie’s so good at it and she enjoys seaming and I would hate to deprive her of any seaming joy.

Fatty McFatster Penguin 2.0 but with even feet.

Maybe after I give him eyes and a beak he won’t look too fat.  Otherwise there may need to be penguin 3.0.

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